Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Spindle

Things are really moving along.  Friday was CD1 (cycle day 1) and I got to go to lunch with Mom as she and Patsy were up here to go to the Container Store.  My first medication treatment is today, CD3, and I will be taking 2 Clomid pills before bed and an FSH shot at 9pm.  I am choosing 9pm because it is a time I know that we can hit each day.  On CD 9, Saturday, I will be going in for a midcycle follicle check to see how many follicles I produced.  Hopefully I have produced 2 – 6 and not one giant cyst or too many follicles.  I have added some pictures of the injections.  Although this injection seems easier than the trigger shots the way Handsome holds the shot is a little scary (it kinda reminds me of the knife scene in psycho) but there isn’t really a better way to hold it.
This is the follistim "pen" kit.  The pink items are needles that screw into the pen.  The vial is an old vial from my last injection cycle and it goes into the pen where a plunger dispenses it.  The yellow dial on the end of the pen can be dialed for the appropriate dosage.  Tonight's dosage was 125.

This is one of those pink packets.  You can see one end of the needle inside which goes into the vial and screws on to the pen.  You can also see the cat's dish and Heidel's new harness in the background.  We do this in the kitchen so these aren't the prettiest pictures.  We do this in the kitchen because the follistim has to be refrigerated.

Handsome is screwing the needle on to the pen, while he is doing that he has me clean the injection site with alcohol.

Here is the pen all set to go with the cap still on the needle.

These next two pictures are at a weird angle because I wanted to try and get the actual injection.  You can see here how my husband holds the pen and it looks very stabby.  Look how fine the needle is!

Contact!  Here is the needle in my stomach (I am pinching the skin as shown by the nurse) and my husband is pushing the plunger to get all the medication in.  It doesn't really hurt because the needle is so fine.  So now I am off to take my clomid and then to bed.  Talk to you guys soon!

"And, in the very moment when she felt the prick, she fell down upon the bed that stood there, and lay in a deep sleep."
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