Monday, February 20, 2012

Stone Soup

Today's entry will have a little bit of everything and anything.  I would like to start off with some politics.  I try and stay away from discussing politics in an open forum because I don't like to argue with people who have different opinions since it is rare that either one of us will convince the other.  However sometimes I get so passionate about an event or viewpoint that I must speak up - this is one of these times.  I think that EVERY American women should be furious that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee had their first hearing regarding the Obama contraceptive care decision without one woman on the panel and without any testimony for women.  I do not think that every women should be angry because I believe they would all agree with me, I don't I am very aware that many women have different views than mine, but this is a panel discussing women's rights and access to health care and to not have even one women is mind boggling.  Personally I think this panel should be made up of primarily women from both sides of the argument.  In response to Rep. Issa's declaration that "the hearing is meant to be more broadly about religious freedom and not specifically about the contraception mandate in the Health Reform law." is ludicrous when the mandate was the primary item of discussion and object of the witnesses hypothetical examples.  Rather than hypothetical examples wouldn't it be better to get real examples from women?!  I will concede that the second hearing will include two female witnesses but it is sad that the first hearing included none, that the second will still have women in the minority, and that there is not one woman on the panel.

Okay, enough about politics... want to hear some good news... no, some GREAT news (no not pregnant yet).  I am getting a new job!  I was made the offer last week and accepted.  I gave my current company 2.5 weeks and will be starting my new job March 5th.  I think there is more room for career growth at this new company, I will be on the cutting edge of semiconductor process engineering research and so will expand my resume and skill set, and let us knot forget that it is a SIGNIFICANT increase in pay - woo hoo!  So part of me is a nervous wreck but the other part of me is super excited and I just have to keep telling myself I had to get trained for my current job and now am comfortable and it will be the same with this new job.  They have already discussed training with me and I don't think I'll be thrown directly into the fire on my first day ;)

I also finished the stuffed owl I was making for my friend Beth.  It turned out really well and I love the colors she picked.  It really has a masculine feel to it, perfect for her upcoming little boy.  The second picture is the back of the owl which shows the little caterpillar on his butt.  All the owls I make (only two so far) have something cute on their bum.  Mom helped with this one and the machine sewing - I HAVE to get a sewing machine now, made things so much faster.

I call him Winston but like any adopted pet Beth and her family may decide to change his name and that is fine too.  I really enjoy making these owls and if someone has a request let me know just don't all ask for one at the same time.  The decorative stitching is all hand embroidery and I find it relaxing to do while watching TV.

So I think that is about it today.  Only two days until my next doctor's appointment!  Hopefully that cyst is GONE and we can move on.  TTYL

"More and more villagers walk by, each adding another ingredient. Finally, a delicious and nourishing pot of soup is enjoyed by all."

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