Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Those bones, those bones

Today is CD5 so no shots scheduled for today but I will have to take my clomid before bed.  Yesterday's shot went much like CD3's shot except that Handsome and I were kidding around and I was laughing to the needle moved just a bit.  Usually there is almost no pain because the needle is so thin but with the laughing and movement it hurt a tiny bit (tiny pinch) and there was a small drop of blood, similar to what you would see from a in stick, that bothered my husband more than me.  He isn't afraid of blood he just doesn't like to hurt me and when there is any blood or bruising he feels badly for me.

When I set about to start this blog I wanted it to also be a patient perspective because I found that difficult to find when I was researching my treatment options.  So let me give you some more information about the shots and clomid.  I haven't had any significant side effects like nausea, pain, headache, etc. although maybe I could blame it for my slightly runny nose and acne..no the nose is from all the dust that's been in the air lately and the acne is just PCOS off of birth control.  The clomid does seem to make me sleep heavier than normal which means Handsome has to kick me when its my turn to let out the dogs.  One time, last injection cycle, I did have bruising around the injection site but I think it was perhaps we hit a blood vessel and/or the fact that my pant waistband kept hitting the site.  I highly recommend that when you choose your site you choose one below where your pants sit, if you go higher than when you sit your waistline usually goes higher and can aggravate the site.  Although I did have visible bruising there was no soreness associated with the bruise. 

I have spoken about the HSG, hysterosalpingogram, before but wanted to give a better description from a patient perspective.  I actually enjoyed it it was fascinating to watch and I almost recommend everyone go get one so they can see how cool it is.  I was taken to a bathroom that has two doors.  One door goes to the hallway and the other goes to the examining room.  The door to the examining room was locked and I was told to lock the hallway door.  I did so and as instructed removed all clothing from the waist down and wrapped the gown (a thin piece of tissue paper the size of a small blanket) around my waist.  When I was called into the examining room I got up on the table but unlike most doctor's tables I have been on this one was tilted backwards probably about 15 degrees so that my head was lower than the rest of me.  The x-ray machine was placed over my abdomen and turned on.  It took me a few moments to figure out what i was seeing because the aspect was weird.  I was seeing my hipbones but not flat on tiled like we were looking up at them if I was standing.  I could also see a little bit of my spine angling away.  Now this next part I couldn't really see what the doctor was doing so I will relate what I was told.  A thin tube was inserted through my cervix into my uterus, Dr. Moffitt kept asking me to cough and I finally asked why and he said it pushes the cervix so it opens a little bigger and makes it easier to thread the tube through the cervix.  There was no pain, almost no sensation at all.  I have heard that it is better to have an experienced doctor (usually a fertility expert) than a xray tech because the doctors have done the procedure more often.  Once the tube is in place they fill your uterus with a contrast dye that shows up on the xray screen.  It is really neat to watch your uterus suddenly blossom on the screen and you can see it floating between your hips.  Once the uterus fills the dye does into the fallopian tubes and you see them drawn on the screen.  This test tells the doctor about the shape of your uterus, if there are fibroids or pollyps, and blockage of one or both of the fallopian tubes. Mine looked fine.  I was expecting to then see my ovaries but this was before I knew that the ovaries aren't really connected to your fallopian tubes just nearby for egg transfer (maybe i should have paid more attention in sex ed?).  After the procedure is done you get up, get dressed, and leave.  They do recommend a pad for any discharge of the die but I don't remember there being an issue.

Well that's all for today.  I talk about some of the other procedures later.  TTYL
Sorry no pictures but I don't have good pictures of my HSG - I'll try to get them.

"With the hip bone connected
to the back bone,
and the back bone connected
to the neck bone"

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