Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby bumblebee

Starting on Friday I had to start using my crinone 8% gel suppositories.  I think these might be the worst thing about using ART (assisted reproductive technology).  I have to use them daily until I take my pregnancy test.  If my UPT (urine pregnancy test) is positive I have to continue using the suppositories and if it is negative I stop and wait for my period.  So I hope I have to stay on them even though I dislike them. 
Above you can see the suppository (along with 31 cents - no idea why that is there).  First you shake it down to make sure all of the gel is near the application tip (you can also hold it up to the light and see if it is).  Next you hold it by the tab on the right while you twist off the tab and tip on the left.  This leaves you with a smooth tube which is good because for a while there I was a little scared trying to use this.  After inserting it into the vagina you push on the bulb on the right which uses air to push a little ball towards the end and push the appropriate dose of gel.  Originally I was told to take this twice a day but when I got the crinone instead of the progesterone I was told only once a day.  I think the crinone is supposed to work better than progesterone.  According to  their website,, it is a naturally derived progesterone from plants in a bioadhesive gel that has less side effects as some synthetic progesterone.  I will say it does seem less messy than the progesterone cream I used before.  I guess my big dislike of it is that I am always afraid of discharge and a mess that it might create.  I haven't experienced anything like that so far but it is still a worry.  Luckily the website does say that morning application reduces chances of discharge and so I will just continue to monitor.  Only 9 more days until I can take my UPT.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  The wait is difficult but I am almost halfway there and I can't just dwell on it.  This next week at work should help keep my mind focused on other things. 

Handsome is out shooting sporting clays right now but I have been a little sniffly lately and didn't want to go out.  I think my allergies are acting up so staying inside is probably the best recourse for me right now.  If you check out my Facebook page you can see that we went to watch a spring training baseball game on Friday.  I don't know how much of the game we watched but it was nice hanging out (we went with some of his friends from work) and talking.  I was also enjoying watching the children who were playing and rolling down the grassy hill we were on.  Later we found out that at an earlier game they had a bee delay - yes you read that correctly BEE delay; apparently a whole bunch of bees were disrupting  the game and people were getting stung!  Glad we had no bee delays or bees at all bothering us!  Handsome might have had a little to much to drink because he ended up going to bed by 7:30pm on Friday which is not like him at all!  Saturday we went to pharmacy to pick up the rest of my crinone and then to the mall to get his hair cut.  We ate at Kona Grill and I tried their lobster truffle mac and cheese - not bad but not the best mac and cheese I have had either.  Typically I get their caterpillar roll but wanted to try something different.  Then we came home and watched Immortals and Star Trek (2009 movie).  Immortals was not what I thought it would be and I was slightly disappointed - guess I will just have to wait for Wrath of the Titans!  I like the Star Trek movie every time I see it and this was no exception.  Tonight if we have time I think we might watch the Switch.  ttyl

Baby Bumblebee
"I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee,
Won't my mama be so proud of me,
I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee.

Ouch it stung me!

I'm squishing up my baby bumblebee,
Won't my mama be so proud of me,
I'm squishing up my baby bumblebee.

Ooh what a mess!

I'm licking up my baby bumblebee,
Won't my mama be so proud of me,
I'm licking up my baby bumblebee.

bzzzz - I caught another one!

I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee!"

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