Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Bad Wolf

Cycle day 1 was Friday which meant that my CD3 (when I start the clomid and follistim) would be Sunday.  I called in my CD1 to the ARMS nurse line around 11:00am hoping I would hear back soon whether we were duplicating last cycle's treatment plan and that they had called in the prescriptions.  Handsome and I were going down to Tucson Saturday (to get our taxes done) and the Apothecary Shop that ARMS uses closes at 5:30pm on weekdays and is only open on the weekends Saturday 9:30am - 12:30pm; so I had to pick them up Friday.  At around 2 pm I called the main ARMS line and let them know that I had called in my CD1 call and that I was concerned that I hadn't heard back and that time was an issue since I needed to the meds for Sunday and only had until 5:30pm Friday to get them.  They assured me that the nurses were doing call backs as we spoke and to wait an hour.  I gave them an hour and a half and then called back a little more irate than previously and again explained my need for urgency.  The nurse assured me they would call by 5 pm and I let her know that the pharmacy closes at 5:30 and they needed to call in the prescription before then so I could pick it up.  By this time I was getting more and more irate, I was like the big bad wolf huffing and puffing and getting more worked up and angry the longer this went on.  Luckily I got out of training early and was able to leave the office at 4:20pm.  I drove to the apothecary shop which is quite a ways.  I called my husband on my way to explain the situation and let him know I might be late.  He was as pissed as I was, we pay these people too much money to have this kind of service, and recommended I call them again around 4:45pm.  As I started getting closer I watched the clock getting closer to 5:00.  Now I was MAD!  At around 4:50pm a few blocks away from the Pharmacy I called ARMS again (this was now the third time not including my CD1 call).  Looking back I might have been a bit hard on the girl who answered the phone - the call went something like this:

ARMS:  Arizona Reproductive Services, this is Amina, how can I help you?
Me: Hello Amina, this is Andrea and I have called several times today.  My issue is that I called in my cycle day 1 and if I am going to start my medication on Sunday I have to pick up the prescription today because I will be out of town tomorrow.
ARMS:  The nurses are doing call backs ...
Me: I have yet to get a call on if I will be doing the same cycle as last month, if my prescriptions have been called in, and I want to know if they are going to call in my prescription or if I am going to have to wait another month (which I would if I missed the start day for the medication I would basically be on nothing until my next cycle) to try and have a baby when we have been trying for THREE FRICKEN YEARS THE LAST YEAR WITH YOU GUYS!!!!
ARMS:  Let me put you on hold while I talk to the nurses (I have to admit she kept her cool)
ARMS:  Okay the nurses say they have you on the callback list but I am going to connect you with Shelly to whom I've explained the situation
Me: thank you
Shelly:  This is Shelly
Me: Hi Shelly, if I am going to repeat last cycle I need the meds called into the pharmacy because I will be out of town Saturday so have to pick them up today.
Shelly:  We're going to repeat last cycle, which pharmacy do you want them called into
Me: Tempe....

There was a little more to the conversation as we set up my midcycle ultrasound but the angry part was over.  I was so mad, I tried to be patient and I understand I am not their only patient but surely if someone has some sort of time restraint they could bump that person up the call back list?  I don't know, at least I got my meds although I did not get my triggershot so need to find out if that was called in or not.  At the pharmacy I walked in and told them that the doctor's office had, literally, just called it in and she says "our systems have been down for the last two hours" my heart plummeted in my chest and it must have shown on my face because she told me to give her my name so she could check, as I was telling her my name someone from the back yelled up that she had gotten the call and was filling it right then.  Phew - I was relieved.

Saturday we went down to Tucson and had our taxes done.  Afterwards I was supposed to go shopping with Mom but she bailed so Handsome took me out shopping instead (with only a modicum of complaining).  We have a wedding coming up in a few weeks with a dress code that calls for "smart casual".  The definitions we have found usually are circular and say wear "sharp" pants and a "sharp" shirt, a jacket is optional or wear a smart cardigan.  This was too much so Handsome and I decided that "smart casual" = "mad men-esque"
Handsome bought a white shirt and skinny black tie that he can wear with one of his dark suits and I convinced him to buy a fedora which looks great with his bone structure and is totally retro.  I'll make sure to get pictures.  For me we got a sleeveless sheath dress by Tahari which fits really well - Handsome says it is "sneaky sexy" because it is sexy but doesn't hit you over the head with it.  He half fell out of his chair watching my rear view as I walked back into the dressing room lol!

I started my clomid and injections yesterday, Sunday.  It is the same as last cycle but t his time I have a video of the shot.  This shot didn't hurt at all - smooth and easy.

The Three Little Pigs
"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!"

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