Sunday, March 18, 2012

Henny Penny

So only two more days until my UPT and I am both excited and terrified.  I hope with all my heart that it comes back positive but am terrified that it will not and that I will be crushed.  Last week, my first week at my new job, did help keep my thoughts occupied.  The group of people that I work with are all really nice and it is a laid back atmosphere.  I am getting a lot of hands on knowledge of the equipment which is very helpful to better understanding the process on which I have been studying documentation and taking training.  I will be meeting with my manager this week hopefully to set up additional training, he was busy last week and will be out the last week of March so I have to try and get some of it set up this week.

I also have to get our taxes done - yay taxes.  I have all of our medical expenses just need to organize them and make sure to get all of our W2s and stuff together.  This weekend was pretty lax which was nice decompression time after my first week at the new job.  Saturday we went out shooting sporting clays with friends of ours.  We rented a 20 gauge for me to use which was much easier on my shoulder.  I didn't shoot an entire round because I started to get a headache but I did like the 20 gauge better.  Our friends brought a pump action shotgun which I did not try because I would totally forget to pump it and I have heard the recoil from pumps are much worse than semi-auto so didn't want to submit to the pain.  While shooting we saw a snake which I first thought was a corn or gopher snake but because of its dark color I think it may have been a red coachwhip.  I always appreciate seeing some nature while we are out on the course.  We also saw some red-tailed hawks flying around.  After shooting we went to lunch at P.F. Chang's which was delicious!  These aren't from this weekend but here are some shots of us on the course and of a hummingbird nest we found last time.  We saw the nest again this weekend but the hummingbird wasn't there.

After lunch Handsome and I went shopping for some jeans.  We went to the Levi's store and I got measured for jeans (first time for everything).  She said I was "demi curve" fit but they just didn't seem to be fitting well so I tried on some of the "bold curve" fit which were better.  I got two dark washes in two different leg cuts... I just checked I and I think I got the wrong ones - I wanted the boot and straight and got the skinny and the skinny boot - guess I'll have to go back.  Today I watched TV while Handsome played Skyrim on the computer.  It has been rainy, cold, cloudy and windy today so we will be enjoying the last of the beef soup that my husband made - thick and hearty perfect for a day such as today.  Oh and we also saw the Three Musketeers on Friday night which I thought was a entertaining movie (not great, but fun) while Handsome kept going on and on about how historically inaccurate it was and how implausible the storyline was.  I liked the guy who played Aramis.

As I have been getting older I am tying to take better care of myself (probably should have started thinking of this stuff in my early 20s).  I have started working out again, always putting face lotion on, and making sure to wear sunscreen when I go outside during the day.  I put sunscreen lotion on my face and chest everyday but I will admit I am still not consistent about putting sunscreen on my body unless I am spending a lot of time outdoors.  When we went to the sporting clays course I made sure to put sunscreen on my shoulders and arms (no need for my legs since I was wearing jeans) before I got dressed.  I also have started using a new lotion on my arms to help with the redness and bumps I have.  I never knew it was a condition but have fairly recently found that the redness and bumps on the back of my arms is called Keratosis Pilaris.  I used to try scrubbing them with my bath scrubber but nothing seemed to be working so I started using KP duty scrub from Derma Doctor (purchased at Sephora).  This scrub which you use 2 - 3 times per week and apply to dry skin before washing it off has done an excellent job of removing the bumps and roughness on the back of my arms.  The redness was still there and when wearing short sleeves or tanktops I felt somewhat self-conscious of my arms.  I went back to Sephora and got the KP Duty lotion which I have been using for about a week now (it says to apply twice a day but I usually only do it in the morning) and I think the redness is going down.  All of this is my own opinion and I'm not getting paid for this, I recommend this to anyone who has the red skin and bumps typical of Keratosis Pilaris or "chicken skin"

Henny Penny
English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs

"One day Henny-penny was picking up corn in the cornyard when–whack!–something hit her upon the head. “Goodness gracious me!” said Henny-penny; “the sky’s a-going to fall; I must go and tell the king.”"

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