Thursday, May 17, 2012


Back to the doctor I went today and I am ashamed to say that I let another intern practice on me.  I like to think that if it had been the same girl from last time that I would have said "no, I was uncomfortable last time, I would just like Dr. Moffitt to do it" but I don't know if I would have.  It was a different person and today it was a guy!  Now, I know that technically Dr. Moffitt is a guy but he is much older than me and I don't think of him that way.  This guy was young (probably younger than me) and kind of attractive.  Unlike the girl from last time he was almost too gentle.  When he started to move the probe he wasn't pushing hard enough and it slipped out - I couldn't say anything because how embarrassing would it be to say to a guy "um, yeah its not in yet".  I mean talk about performance anxiety going forward Ha Ha

The follicles were much bigger on the screen although I still don't know how Dr. Moffitt counts all of them and keeps them straight as he's moving the probe.  I had 16 on the right ovary and 10 on the left, the smallest were 6mm and the largest were at 12mm.  Dr. Moffitt said I was doing wonderfully.  I did get a bit light headed and thought I might pass out for a while; I think it was due to the blood draw, my lack of breakfast and him moving the wand around (as the follicles get bigger it gets more sensitive).  I was light headed when I first got to work but ate some chips and chocolate and felt much better.  Today I had to get 3 shots, 75 units of the follistim, 1 vial of the menopur, and 1 shot of the ganirelix.  The ganirelix comes already prepared in a syringe that we had been warned was thick and dull.  I was kind of expecting and awl we would have to punch through the skin on my stomach.  Happily it was not too bad.  It actually hurt more coming out than going in and the actual shot hurt longer - it was sore for almost an hour after the shot.  I think I had made it so much worse in my head that in comparison it was pretty easy.

I will be on the same dosages through Friday at least and then I have another appointment on Saturday.  Most likely I will have the same shot schedule on Saturday and Sunday.  Dr. Moffitt estimated that my trigger date would be either Sunday or Monday and the retrieval date would then be either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!  ttyl

The Lambkin and the Little Fish
"The children ran about it, and caught each other, and played at counting out. "Eneke Beneke, let me live, And I to thee my bird will give. The little bird, it straw shall seek, The straw I'll give to the cow to eat. The pretty cow shall give me milk, The milk I'll to the baker take. The baker he shall bake a cake, The cake I'll give unto the cat. The cat shall catch some mice for that, The mice I'll hang up in the smoke, And then you'll see the snow."
Grimm, Jacob; Grimm, Wilhelm; Charles River Editors; Taylor, Edgar (2011-11-29). The Complete Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales (Illustrated) (Kindle Locations 8784-8787). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

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