Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So today was my last day of birthcontrol.  Normally (when I'm not trying to get pregnant) I like birth control because it helps out with my acne but this generic stuff they have me on isn't helping at all... in fact I suspect it is making it worse.  Oh well, last day was today.  Tomorrow morning I have my pre-start exam and will get a better idea of the drugs I will be taking.  I have picked up my follistim but there seems to be a back order of some of the others (I do have some samples) so I will talk to ARMS about that tomorrow.  I also got my jury duty postponed although the guy was a little bit of a dick about it - after all I didn't want out of it just postponement. 

Look at what my wonderful husband got for me the other day!

He had this Monday off for furlough so he picked these up when he went grocery shopping.  He also made a lovely Stew Soup (stew ingredients but very brothy because I LOVE the broth).  I love love love tulips and these are such a fun color too.  On his day off, in between shopping, cooking dinner and playing video games he also washed the dogs - now they smell like flowers :)

This weekend was pretty relaxing and something we both needed after so many weekends away.  Saturday we saw friends and their new baby - Ethan is SO CUTE!  He is their miracle baby and -knock on wood- soon we'll have one of our own!  After spending time catching up and cuddling Ethan we went to a late lunch and then to a Cinco de Mayo party where we watched the Mayweather v Cotto fight **YAWN**  Not really my thing but everyone else seemed to enjoy it.  Since Handsome had Monday off and was going to go to the grocery store we spent all of Sunday on the couch doing a Eureka marathon.  We are all caught up on season 4 and moved on to season 5 and can I say I HATE SEASON 5!!!!  I don't want Carter and Jo together I want Zane and Jo together ever since they killed off Stark I have had to transfer all of my affection to Zane.  This is the last season so they better figure out faux Eureka so Jo and Zane can get back together.  Also isn't it totally cool that Felicia Day has been in the last handful of episodes?  I LOVE her!  So that was our weekend and to leave you guys I am going to post two more pictures of things in my life that bring me joy and happiness to prove I'm not stressed out all the time (although when they eat important stuff or have accidents in the house that can be a little stressful.
First is my beautiful Heidel.  She's spunky, opinionated and loves to cuddle on her terms.
Second is my gentle giant, Bremen.  He's sweet, a little goofy, and smart at playing dumb.
Well I will let you know how it goes at the appointment tomorrow. TTYL

Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Me!
"Tiptoe to the window,
By the window that is where I'll be;
Come tiptoe through the tulips with me!"

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