Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wishing on Stars

Today was relaxing and fun, perfect for the day before the transfer.  We went out for breakfast at IHOP (why can't they understand when I say, "I would like my bacon burned" I REALLY mean BURNED!! not semi floppy!) and then went out shooting.  Well, Handsome did the shooting I just pushed the buttons and kept score.  He did several more difficult levels at the stations today which lowered his overall score but still pretty good (he is too hard on himself).  Then we came home and he worked in the yard.  I'll try and post pictures... probably Monday since I am couch-bound tomorrow.  We had a leak that was unfortunately under the patio.  So he pulled up some of the pavestones, found the leak and then had to find the other side of the PVC so he can pull the old lines out.  He will also splice two lines together to improve the watering system in our back yard.  He got all the digging, identification and prep done today and he will finish up with the repair tomorrow.  We are going out to eat at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse with friends tonight for AZ Restaurant Week, a twice yearly event that allows you to try top notch restaurants for a reduced prix fixe price.  Last weekend we went to The House at Secret Garden and last night went to Seasons 52 with other friends.  So excited we get to visit so many nice restaurants without breaking the bank!  Last time I checked ARMS said that the last time they checked I still had 14 embryos but tomorrow we will find out how many made it to blastocyst.  Keep you fingers crossed for us!!  ttyl

"Star Light, Star Bright"
Star light, star bright,
First star i see tonight,
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have this wish, I wish tonight!"

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