Monday, June 11, 2012


So far so good it seems.  I have started my new higher dosage of Levothyroxine.  I called ARMS and they said it takes a while to show up in my system so a test before 4 weeks isn't necessary.  I am looking forward to the ultrasound and am playing the waiting game again.  I hate waiting.  My husband took me out to celebrate on Friday and I had my first real dietary change- no smoked fish so I couldn't have my favorite smoked trout salad but the scallops were just as good I think.  Another change to get used to is that I am now a dry zone meaning no more wine or sips of beer.  So I have been trying some replacements.  I found a dry lemon soda that mixed with passion tea (passiontini) and placed in a martini glass is quite good.  When I ran out of the good lemon soda my husband created this drink which he calls "The Girlfriend" (that is what he calls me sometimes).
"The Girlfriend" is comprised of Boylans Lemon Soda which is sweeter than I normally like but Handsome added some lemon juice and grapefruit juice to make a wonderfully tart treat.  Dry soda also has a blood orange flavor which is great solo and looks like a real gin or vodka martini.
I have also tried the Dry rhubarb soda with grapefruit juice which is also tasty.  If anyone has some good ideas for some mock tails let me know.  I really  think the fancy glass helps :)

The Devil With Three Golden Hairs
"The road led him to a large town, where the watchman by the gates asked him what his trade was, and what he knew. "I know everything," answered the luck-child. "Then you can do us a favour," said the watchman, "if you will tell us why our market-fountain, which once flowed with wine has become dry, and no longer gives even water?" "That you shall know," answered he; "only wait until I come back."
Grimm, Jacob; Grimm, Wilhelm; Charles River Editors; Taylor, Edgar (2011-11-29). The Complete Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales (Illustrated) (Kindle Locations 2234-2237). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

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