Thursday, July 19, 2012

Been Working on Brownies

So day #2 of my "one task per day challenge".  Originally I thought I would clean out the top drawer of my desk so that it only had mailing supplies (envelopes and stamps), and some desk essentials such as tape, paper clips, etc.  Instead I decide to make brownies for my team at work.
I would have been able to get both tasks done but I had to stop at Target to buy the brownie mix, eggs, a water pistol, batteries and some earphones.  Then after the gym on our way home we had to stop at the pet store to buy dog food and Handsome stopped at Walmart to get some drinks.  Looking at that I guess I got a few extra tasks done as well.  Unfortunately when I started to put the brownies together I realized I was out of vegetable oil and had to make a quick run to the store.

You may be wondering about my strange shopping list at Target, well the brownie mix and eggs are obviously needed to make the brownies but what about the other items you ask?  I had to buy a water pistol because Bremen, my doberman, has decide to jump up in our raised garden so he can see over the wall and bark at the neighbors.  He's really not vicious but it is so embarrassing when he is acting like cujo as he peers over the fence.  The water pistol will be used when he starts to use that behavior (both dogs hate being squirted with water).  The batteries are for the water pistol because I didn't want to have to pump so bought the mechanized option.  The earphones are for my Kindle Fire since Bremen (seems like he is the bad child right now) ate my other ones.  So my nursery rhyme - which is actually a fun car song is included because it talked about working not because it talks about trains - I wouldn't know how to link trains to this post.

I've Been Working on the Railroad
"I've been working on the railroad
All the live-long day.
I've been working on the railroad
Just to pass the time away.

Don't you hear the whistle blowing,
Rise up so early in the morn;
Don't you hear the captain shouting,
"Dinah, blow your horn!"

Dinah, won't you blow,
Dinah, won't you blow,
Dinah, won't you blow your horn?
Dinah, won't you blow,
Dinah, won't you blow,
Dinah, won't you blow your horn?

Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah
Someone's in the kitchen I know
Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah
Strummin' on the old banjo!"

Courtesy of Wikipedia

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