Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dog Days

HI guys - sorry so long but I have had a busy weekend and never really got much time on the computer.  I was going to post Wednesday but got caught up in finding and booking our hotel for our October Anniversary trip - it will be 5 years this year! Hmmm just looked it up and the traditional 5 year anniversary gift is wood.  Now Handsome and I don't usually buy anniversary gifts because our trip is our anniversary gift to ourselves but this is a biggie so maybe I'll try and include wood this year.  Maybe we can go hiking in the "woods" or find a restaurant that grills on wood - who knows.  If anyone has any ideas please shout them out we will be going to San Diego - how do we incorporate wood?

Well enough about wood and on to the stories I promised you.  I don't know if I mentioned it but Bremen, our big goofy dobe, has an appetite for paper, and wood, and packs of gum and other things he finds lying around but mainly paper in the house and wood and plants outside.  When we went on our summer vacay to Shreveport we were able to get our and our dogs' favorite house/dog/cat-sitter.  She stays over at the house, leaving for work and going out with friends, but she is able to let them out (we have no doggy door), feed them and keep them on some kind of schedule.  She also brings her dog Loki whom Bremen loves and Heidel tolerates (Heidel isn't much of a dog dog, she is more into lizards).  When our house sitter got there we put her money in an envelope and I put it up on the bar counter where the dogs couldn't get to it and hopefully the cat wouldn't knock it down.  A few days into our trip she calls and asks about Bremen eating paper and stuff - my stomach started twisting - I knew, I knew before she even told me! - yep Bremen had eaten all $220.  I told her we would re-pay her when we got back but do you know what that girl did?!  She went through his poop, yes his POOP and got all $220 back!  It is more than I would have done (although Handsome said he would have done it if necessary) only one of the bills was ripped up but she has 51% of it which is required for the bank to exchange it for her.  So it was a happy ending but Bremen, really - eating my magazines and books isn't enough now you are going straight for the green stuff?!

Second dog story of the vacation.  Ringo.  Now Ringo is the cutest, most darling mini-dachshund on the planet but he HATES Handsome and me.  He always has.  He always looks at us suspiciously out of the corner of his eye, takes the long way around to avoid us and will only grudgingly take treats from us.  We don't chase him - don't want to scare him, we tell him how good he is, and we pet him anytime he's on the trusted lap of someone he likes.  This year was like all the others, we got to my cousins house while she and her family were still out and while he would hang out with my Aunts, he wanted nothing to do with me or my husband.  Everything was going fine until the night before the fourth when I went into the room we were staying in and I saw a little yellow puddle on the corner of our luggage and on the carpet beneath it.  Now Ringo is the only boy dog in the house, the only one who can aim onto a vertical surface, and really the only one small enough to make that tiny puddle.  Now we KNOW he hates us - it's not just a feeling, it's confirmed fact.  We kept the bedroom door closed after that.  I am sure he smelled our dogs and was competing but still, no one else got peed on.  Oh well, maybe he will like us better next year - but probably not.

Well those are my stories of the dog days of summer.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summers, we got rain yesterday and it was lovely all day.  Still another week and a half before my second test and I find out more about the FET cycle. ttyl

How Much Is That Doggy
"How much is that doggy in the window,
The one with the waggly tail.
How much is that doggy in the window,
I do hope that doggy's for sale"

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