Monday, July 23, 2012

Sew Me The Seam

As I said yesterday I was going to do some simple tasks this week with the sewing machine.  Today I got a lot done.  First I finished moving my fabric to one of the drawers on my sewing/craft desk.  First it is lonely and empty and then after the Fabric, doesn't it look pretty and bright!

And yes I know the pictures show the sewing machine box under the desk but i wanted to make sure it worked before throwing the box in the recycle bin.  Hopefully I will be able to toss it this week.  After organizing the desk I decided I would work on threading the bobbin and loading it in the bottom of the sewing machine.
 Here I am with my "light colored thread", in case I ever go to that new owners class at Joanns - thinking they might not let me in since it has been at least two months since I purchased it.  Is there a time limit on those things?  I also have my handy dandy quick set up instructions - for those of us who are too lazy to read the full instructions :)
 Here it is winding - this is an action shot even if you can't tell, the bobbin is spinning.  Maybe someone out there knows... it says to hold on to the thread that you have put through the hole on the bobbin while it loads up but after a while it just pulled it out of my hands - is that normal or did I do something wrong.  After wards it say to cut the two strings but one had already snapped out of my hand and disappeared so I just cut the one left connecting it to the spool.
 Yay!  A loaded bobbin!
 I figured out how to trip the opener on the bottom portal - don't know if these are real words but I am too lazy to go back and find the quick start guide t see what these parts are ACTUALLY called.
And bobbing loaded.  Yay!  Bet you thought I would stop there, well I didn't.  I decided while the machine was turned on I might as thread the needle.
This was a bit more difficult.  I could understand all the instructions except how to get the thread past this little doohickey on the needle.  I had to resort to looking at the DVD and they showed how you do it with TWO HANDS - the instructions didn't show two hands they showed a dotted line indicating this is easy peasy.  Ah well once I got it through the doohickey I was able to use the threading button to put the thread through the eye of the needle and just like that I was done.  Off for dinner now - lemon pan seared chicken thighs with olives and potatoes YUMM!!!  ttyl

PS Tomorrow is my second blood test, I should start to know more from here on out.

The Two Travellers by the Brothers Grimm
"Sew me the seam,
Draw me the thread,
Spread it over with pitch,
Knock the nail on the head."

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