Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Couch Rest

Hi!  I'm back!  Handsome has allowed me off the couch to blog as long as I don't lift anything or do jumping jacks around the house - he's pretty strict :)

When we first got to ARMS there was another couple waiting and a second couple came in slightly after us. One of the Nurses called "Andrea" and I looked around but they were talking to the couple behind us. The guy from the first couple saw me look around and asked if all the women were named Andrea because his wife was Andrea as well!! Yes there were three Andreas in the waiting room although we all pronounced it slightly differently. I took it as a good omen :) 

We arrived around 10am and let them know that our acupuncturist would be there at 10:15.  She showed up on time and I asked for a room but it took another 15 minutes to get a room.  I started to stress the timing a little but the acupuncturist didn't seem very upset and it turned out the lab was running a little behind so we were all good.  I got acupuncture both before the procedure and directly afterwards.  I asked my husband to take few pictures, I though this was the best of the bunch (meaning I don't look too fat, have a stupid smile...).  This shows the ones in my feet and legs, I also had needles in my stomach, under wrists, between my eyes and two in each ear.  The feet ones make my feet jump when they are first put in and then I can barely feel them; the ears don't make me jump but seem to hurt longer than any of the others.
Hey you can see my cool nail polish - cool!  Lets all just not mention my thick ankles mmkay? The needles are a little hard to see with the white ends instead of a brighter color but there you go.

I had started timing my pee breaks that morning and figured if I had a glass of what every hour I had to go about every hour so I could have a full bladder for the procedure as requested.  Unfortunately when I ate breakfast it threw everything off and I peed 4 times, yes FOUR times between when I got there and when the transfer occurred.  That means 4 times between 10am and 11:40 or so I peed 4 times!  However when I went in for the transfer Dr. Johnson said my bladder was the perfect fullness!!  Yay!!  I still had to ask for a bed pan but only once during my hour long recuperation.

The transfer went well, Dr. Johnson talked me through it.  First he cleaned out some of the prometrium gel so it wouldn't get in the way.  Then they set up the ultrasound and threaded the catheter in, I couldn't even feel the cramp when he blew up the balloon.  He asked if I could see the tip of the catheter (I have to admit that most ultrasounds looks like TV static to me although I am getting better at seeing the ovaries and such.  However, I did see a little white dot and asked if that was it... it was.  He then called to the lab that he was ready (no "wet noodle" this time).  They verified my name and that we had five blastocysts and had thawed two.  Both blastocycts thawed beautifully and we were good to go.  The slid the tube with my babies through the catheter and squirted them in.  I asked for a picture and he printed two off.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry but the paper is a little glossy and hard to photograph.  My two babies are in the white spaceshipped sized blob towards the center of the large black round area.  Dr. Johnson wished me luck and said he felt really good about this transfer which is always nice to hear.
Don't worry if you can't figure it out just nod and say "oh yes" like I do with people's early ultrasounds!

The rest of the day I was on bedcouch rest.  We watched Date Night and some other TV and movies.  Handsome made delicious stew for us with organic grass fed beef - DELISH!!  Not much else to tell, currently meds are Estrace and Crinone twice per day.  If you have any questions leave a comment and I'll get back to you.  Tomorrow or Friday I should have some pics of our new security door, I new shower door jam, our new washing machine and my nearly competed crafting/sewing center. ttyl

Our next big day is the 13th when I go in for my blood pregnancy test.  Keep us in your thoughts! Love you guys!

Thirteenth Evening
"'But where do babies come from, then?' asked the girl. "'Why, an angel from heaven brings them under his cloak, but no man can see him; and that's why we never know when he brings them.'
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian) (2009-10-04). Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (Kindle Locations 6649-6650). Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition.

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