Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting back into it

Just a quick check in to let you guys know I am still alive.  Saturday was my brother's birthday so a "Happy Birthday" shout out to him.  My parents went up to take him out for lunch and stopped by the house on their way back home.  We got to show them the new security door our fixed shower and my completed craft center.  I don't know if I put it on here but when they came out to add the dam to the shower to stop the leak... it worked!!!!  It is so nice not to have to put down a towel every time we go to take a shower.  I went to acupuncture and had my hair cut.  Then Handsome and I went out to eat with friends at Cheuvront's for Restaurant Week.  Three courses for $30pp isn't bad.  My Salmon and cake were delicious!  Then I went out to a club with a girlfriend.  Towards the end of the night some guys started talking to us and she swapped numbers with one of them.  She's single so I hope it works out for her, after all I met Handsome at a bar ;) 

Sunday was a relaxing day,  Handsome cleaned out the tub so I took a relaxing bath and then watched some recorded shows.  Handsome played the computer all day until we went grocery shopping.  He grilled bison burgers (one of my favorites).  Work has been very busy lately and yesterday I didn't even get a chance to go out to lunch but luckily had some snacks in my desk.  Tonight is grill night so I am having lots of grilled corn and a teeny tiny tenderloin.  It was the smallest tenderloin they had and looks like it came out of a miniature cow - half the size of any of the other tenderloins. 

Today was CD1 so I called ARMS and will probably hear back from them tomorrow regarding drugs and my cycle.  The worst is the cramps - they seem to be really bad this time, hopefully they and my cycle are over soon. ttyl

This is an old song I used to play on the piano - super easy like mary had a little lamb easy (probably easier)

"I dropped my dolly in the dirt
I asked her if it really hurt
But all my dolly said to me
Was wha-aa wha-aa wha wha wha
Was wha-aa wha-aa wha wha wha"

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