Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have decide to tell you about my vacation in parts because I am too lazy and tired to try and do it all in one.  Plus, have I told you guys that the space bar on my keyboard doesn't always compress?  Seems that the main issue is when I use my right thumb, Handsome uses his right and doesn't seem to have a problem.  Regardless it is annoying as hell because I have to keep fighting with it and go back all the time to fix words that are all run together. 

First of all let me tell you about my mid-cycle ultrasound yesterday.  Everything started off normally but when they were looking at the lining (which was great, thick and lush thank you very much) they saw two areas that could be cysts or diverticula.  What was weird was that there was one on the right and one on the left fairly symmetrical.  The ultrasound doctor said she needed to have Dr. Moffitt look at them and they would get back to me.  Dr. Moffitt called me later that afternoon and after looking back at previous films and my HSG these are not cysts and look to have been around since the beginning.  Because they are symmetrical Dr. Moffitt believes that I was born with them and they are basically diverticula, an outpouching in the uterus.  The big question if if they "communicate" with the uterus, Dr. Moffitt believes they do which means we have to watch to make sure our baby doesn't implant into them which could cause medical issues.  So in summation, good news: we are going forward as planned and I am feeling positive; bad news: one more thing we need to be cautious of.  I have just have to send happy telepathic messages to my blast telling her to pick a spot that's just right and not in one of those diverticula.  So today is my last day with 3 doses of Estrace and tomorrow I will start my prometrium (vaginally - YUCK!!) three times a day and back down to two times a day with Estrace until transfer.

On to the trip.  We were hoping to be pregnant so I didn't want to fly anywhere which is why we chose San Diego since it is within reasonable driving distance.  We took I-8 and the most interesting part of the trip was the dunes.  out of nowhere it seems these giant hills of sand just appear and seem to go on forever but soon enough you pass them and its like they were never there.

Sunday we arrived late afternoon so did not have any activities planned.  At the hotel we got an free upgrade to a balcony room for our anniversary.  The hotel was beautiful and for the first time we had the full experience, a valet for our car, a bellhop that put all our luggage on a cart (with a hanger for my dresses) and took it up to the room for us.  The shower was a rainfall shower which was neat and the room had hard wood floors (or at least nice pergo).  The pillows were all down which they switched out for us when we asked (I am allergic to feathers and birds).  We ate down in the gaslamp district and had a few drinks in the bar and lounge at our hotel.

Monday we decide to go to Balboa Park.  We went to the Instruments of Torture exhibit which was fascinating and disturbing at the same time - sorry no pictures were allowed.  By this time it was late morning at we were starving so we waited until 11:30 and went to eat at The Prado which is an award winning full restaurant at Balboa park.  For our anniversary they sent out free flan and I had to try out the chocolate torte which was so pretty Handsome said to take a picture of it.

Then we went to the Natural History museum where we saw the skull exhibit, a statue of a giant bug,
and exhibits about dinosaurs and the movement of the tectonic plates.  They also have a magnetic pendulum set up with wooden blocks it knocks over during the course of the day - I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and saw one knock over- whew the excitement!  Afterwards we went to the Science Center where we had a great time playing like children with the interactive exhibits (I got 100% and won the grossology quiz!) but took no pictures.  We went to the Space and Aviation museum and finally at the end of our day we hiked through the park a little and I took some pictures of these massive trees and took a ride on a mosaic dragon once I kicked all the kids off of it.  I kid... they had to go home so I just waited until they were gone before going for my solo ride :)

 Then it was back to the hotel.  Later we went out to the Hopping Pig for drinks and then elsewhere to eat - I don't remember where they all start to blend together especially after a couple glasses of wine.  Well that's all for today.  Next time I will talk about Tuesday and Wednesday our Kayaking and Zoo days. ttyl

One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes
"there stood a strangely magnificent tree with leaves of silver, and fruit of gold"
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