Thursday, October 25, 2012

Riding Horses

So let's see where was I at... oh, you want to hear about the transfer?  Well you'll have towait - I want to finish up with the trip and then I'll get to it. ;)

It was supposed to rain in San Diego the Thursday we were there so we planned on going to Temeculah for some wine tasting.  We started out at Miramonte which was pretty good.  They had a chardonay that I really enjoyed and picked up a bottle then we moved on to Mount Palomar which was almost within walking distance.  Unfortunately the wines at Mount Palomar were a little onedimensional for my taste and some had notes of bell pepper which I thought was disgusting especially in a wine.  Next we went for Foot Path which is on a real farm - no fancy schmancy tasting room just a counter set up in a barn.  Handsome thought we might get killed there but I convenced him to continue down the long driveway.  The wine was excellent, we picked up a nice cabernet, and the proprieter was really nice.  I really enjoyed how he poured himself more wine as well and gave me an extra tasting.  Last we stopped at Frangipani where I took these pictures of the country side.  It was so nice with the clouds.  There I picked up a Cabernet Franc and a Merlot (actually two Merlots, one for me and one for a friend).  The man running the shop was very chatty and gave me lots of wine- didn't even track how many tastings I had.

After wine country we drove down to the Stone brewery where we had a nice dinner and this time Handsome got to drink.  It was a little chilly outside but we sat right under a heater and were able to enjoy the view of their grounds.

Friday We went horseback riding on the beach south of San Diego, right near the Mexico border.  We saw hawks and rabbits and we even saw dolphins!  The pics are pretty crappy but you try taking pictures from a moving horse!

When we got back Handsome and I had scheduled a 90 minute couples massage.  It was wonderful and we got unlimited use of the steam shower afterwards.  I had never been in a steam shower before and I loved it.  Then we went to a nice dinner at Blue Point Coastal before heading back to our hotel for drinks in the lounge.
Saturday we had a relaxing day waling down to Seaport Village and then our anniversary dinner at Acqua in Mission Beach followed by and some dancing at an underground bar called Vin de Syrah.  Sunday we packed up and were on our way.

Now, what everybody has been waiting for... the transfer. 

As I mentioned previously Handsome had a court case and was not going to be able to come so Mom offerred to come up.  Well, late Monday afternoon Handsome called to say his case had been continued so now I got to have both him and Mom!  We went in and everything went really smoothly this time no long waits.  I got my acupuncture before and after which really helped relax me and put me in a great frame of mind.  I am feeling really positive - third time's the charm!  Dr. Moffitt did the actual transfer which was great although I was put a a large inversion - I felt like I was on my head.  Watched lots of TV on the couch afterwards including Magic Mike which is VERY funny and I recommend it.  So now we are just playing the waiting game. Keep me in your thoughts! ttyl

"She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain" (second verse)
"She'll be riding six white horses when she comes
She'll be riding six white horses when she comes
She'll be riding six white horses
She'll be riding six white horses
She'll be riding six white horses when she comes"

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