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Friday was my hysteroscopy.  I have written about the entire experience but if you just want to skip to the results and aren't interested in the process itself then skip down to the 5th paragraph.  The hysteroscopy uses a thin scope so they can see inside the uterus, take pictures and video if necessary and if they find polyps or fibroids they can remove them as part of the procedure.

My appointment was at 9:30 and we were to get there 30 minutes prior so we got to sleep in a bit Friday morning.  I wasn't to eat or drink anything (although I did have to drink some water for my medication) and we arrived right on time.  This appointment was at their Scottsdale office rather than the Tempe location.  The building they were in is huge and we walked down this long hallway to get to their offices.  Once there I realized I was going to have to pee in a cup so they could run a urine pregnancy test (just in case - I mean I've been on birth control so I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant) and I didn't know if I could so I drank a few sips of water and was able to get enough for them to run their test.  Handsome and I met with one of the nurses to sign the consents and then sat in one of their waiting rooms.  They came and apologized for the wait, but their anesthesiologist was running a bit behind with a earlier procedure at a different facility.

It wasn't a long wait - perhaps 10 minutes and they said the procedure should be quick.  They could have taken me back but as the nurse said - she didn't want me to have to just sit there naked just to wait.  As soon as he got there they took me back.  I met the anesthesiologist and went into the room to "undress from the waist down" and wrap myself in a sheet.  The anesthesiologist was very young and handsome which actually makes me feel less comfortable but he was friendly and put me at ease quickly.  (Why is it that the cute ones make me NOT want to be naked in front of them?  I have no problems with they are old or if they are women but save me from young attractive male doctors!)  I went into the surgical room and hopped up on the table.  The IV was put in my arm (near the elbow) and didn't hurt at all.  After I had signed more consents for the anesthesia, Dr. Behera came in and they started to put me under.  It felt like passing out...  And then I was awake.  Due to the anesthesia it felt as though no time had passed.  They said they were done and helped me back to the recovery room.  I still don't remember if I walked or took a wheelchair.  I do remember telling them I had to pee but they wanted me to wait until I recovered a bit.

Handsome had come in and as soon as he walked in the door I told him I had to pee because I knew he would make them let me.  He said okay and helped me to the bathroom where I made him turn around so as not to watch me - all this he had to do while holding my IV bag.  Turns out I didn't have to do much I just felt as though I did because of the pressure and pain.  It wasn't horrible pain just cramping that made me feel like I had to go.  I got dressed and we told the anesthesiologist that I had pain and he gave me pain killer through the IV.  I don't remember that, I remember asking for it and then later Handsome telling me it had been done.  The nurse had told me that the anesthesia messes with your short term memory and while I was recovering quickly I did miss a few things. 

Due to the short term memory thing Dr. Behera went to tell Handsome about how the procedure went.  He told me she walked up in what he described as space boots - booties that covered her shoes and went up her pant legs.  She said everything looked normal, she saw no polyps or fibroids that needed to be removed.  I had asked Handsome to ask her about the condition of my uterus and she told him that everything looked normal, that she saw no structural/mechanical reasons why I wouldn't be able to sustain a pregnancy and told him she had fluffed up the lining a bit to help with implantation.  I recovered very quickly, even the nurses noted it, and soon was on my way.  I felt up to walking so I didn't have to take a chair down.  All in all we arrived at FTC around 9:00am and were in the car and leaving around 10:40am.  Handsome said that the procedure took only 5 - 10 minutes tops. 

We went out for lunch and then back home where I rested on the couch.  We had to go out and pick up my medication since I would be starting the Lupron Saturday.  We picked up all the other medication at the same time.  The Lupron is to be taken each morning and is a subcutaneous shot that I get in the belly.  Handsome administers the shot each morning around 7:30am - I figure if I have to get the shot he has to give them.  As I have said before I can't imagine shoving a sharp implement into my own stomach.  It's not bad at all.  I think that's about it for now. ttyl

"And, in the very moment when she felt the prick, she fell down upon the bed that stood there, and lay in a deep sleep." - Briar Rose
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