Monday, September 16, 2013

Princess Duty

Our transfer was Friday afternoon.  I took off Friday and Monday so I could relax and have let people at work know that I cannot do any lifting for the next week.  FTC works a little differently than ARMS in terms of the transfer.  First there have been the additional medications and a lot more blood tests to verify all my hormone levels are correct.  Second during the actual transfer (which is done on a full bladder for the imaging equipment) they let you pee right after and you don't have to lay down for an hour or use a bed pan.  They put you on princess duty or couch rest.  They want you taking it easy but not to be afraid to take short walks around the house or switch positions while on the couch.  Afterwards they ask that you do no lifting over 15lbs or heavy exercise until the pregnancy test.  (Mine will be on the 24th so keep your fingers crossed!)

Our transfer was scheduled for 1:15 but we arrived early for my acupuncture.  We checked in next door at the surgical center and then went over to FTC to await my acupuncturist.  The needles went in easily and I relaxed while Handsome read.  After about 30 minutes I went back over to the surgical center and we got ready for the transfer.  Handsome had to put on a gown, hairnet and booties on over his clothes while I had to change into a gown.  Once they were ready I got onto the table and they put lots of ultrasound jelly on my stomach.  They said my bladder was nice and full which was NOT news to me.  Luckily the guy holding the ultrasound dealie was good at getting a picture without pressing to hard on my bladder.  It was a little weird to me that he was a guy, and not just a guy but a big burly guy with a  beard.  I am so used to women with the exception of a few male doctors who have never been burly and have never had a beard either.  The embryos were transferred and we got to watch it on the screen - I have always thought the picture looked like a spaceship but Dr. Behera described it as shooting stars and I liked that better so that is how I thought about it. Afterwards I had acupuncture again and when the needles were placed and the acupuncturist turned them it was like a ZING!!! through my whole body.

Now the not-so-good news is that Dr. Behera said the embryos did not look of good quality to her embryologist.  She seemed so apologetic and said that her embryologist has very high standards and has never rated anything as better than good (no "very good" or "excellent").  She must have seen our faces fall because we had been told by ARMS that they were of OK to GOOD quality but considering we heard that after pestering them and had never been made aware of the quality from the beginning I do not know if I believe them.  She said that lower quality embryos didn't mean lower quality babies it just meant that the probability of them sticking (implanting into the uterus lining) is lower.  So I have been visualizing my embryos as little grass seeds (you know, the ones you brush up against and they stick to your clothes, your skin, whatever and are almost impossible to brush off).  Still I respected the fact that she was giving us all the facts, that she told us what was going on at each step and she gave us hugs.  It feels as though she really cares.  I know Handsome feels the same because afterwards he said he wished we had gone to FTC from the beginning or at least much earlier.  We feel as though our chances are much better with them.  We are keeping our hopes up (even Handsome) and wishing for the best on the 24th. ttyl

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