Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rock on Uterus!

Let me update you on what has happened since my last post.  I had started the Lupron shots which used a subcutaneous needle in the lower stomach area.  They weren't too bad but the needles seemed dull and my skin would dimple until they finally punched through.  We began to run out of those needles and the FTC gave me some new ones that said, I kid you not, "Comfort Tip".  The comfort tip needles did seem to go in better and definitely didn't hurt as much.  I had no bruises once we switched to the "comfort tip" needles. 

I took my last birth control pill on August 21st and had my baseline ultrasound the following Friday.  The ultrasound technician said that I may or may not have a period but since she measured my lining at 7mm the said it was likely.  I also was going to start the estrogen patches that Saturday.  By the way the patches totally suck.  They are fine going on but the edges are sticky and they move a little when you are moving around so lint from my clothes (especially my jeans) sticks around the edge and I get the weird blue halos around the edges of the patches.  Plus they are a pain to take off (and I mean that literally) and leave red marks on my skin and I have to use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the halos.  The ultrasound technician said that at my ultrasound on the 6th she wanted to see a lining at least 8mm and with three white lines...  To be perfectly honest I wasn't quite sure what she meant.  I started tracking all my medications using the nifty spreadsheet they gave me with sparkly stickers I got at Target.  Handsome said I could just check it off but obviously he doesn't understand that sparkly stickers work the best!
 I had a blood draw on the 28th and they called to let me know my estrogen levels weren't as high as they would like.  They added two Estrace pills a day and I started my prescribed estrogen cream that Saturday.  Handsome and I also got a treat that weekend and were invited up with friends to stay at a cabin up in Flagstaff with them.  I had been wanting to make an owl for their son for a while and this gave me the final push not to put it off so for the week leading up to our time away in Flagstaff I made them "Lewis" (his name may be changed by them at a later date).  It's a bit hard to see the lion on the butt, but it is there.  I should have used thicker floss.

On our way back from Flagstaff we stopped in Prescott to see the art show at the square and had dinner at one of the breweries there.  We both got a small cold but luckily mine is almost gone which is good since I start the prednisone soon.  Every morning I take 7 pills and until yesterday also got my Lupron shot.  Today we switched from Lupron to Progesterone in Oil (PIO) which is a much larger needle and goes into the muscle of the butt.  I had an ultrasound and blood test Friday.  The ultrasound tech said my lining looked gorgeous, it had the three white lines she was looking for and was 9.5mm, she was so effusive in her praise I felt a little proud of my uterus.  Like, ROCK ON UTERUS!!!  So every morning I take 7 pills, a PIO shot, and progesterone cream; every night I take 3 pills, progesterone cream, and estrogen cream.  I switch out my estrogen patches (two of the sticky buggers) every 3 days and will start the prednisone on Tuesday.  Below you can see almost all of my medications (I think only the Lupron and Prednisone are missing).
Everybody keep your fingers crossed for Friday the 13th!  13 has always been a good number for me, after all Handsome and I married on October the 13th.  ttyl!

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