Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Feeling Tired and Fat

Hi! Sorry its been longer than I wanted but this cycle is kicking my butt.  My medications haven't changed I am still on the same dosage of Lupron, Menopure and Follistim that I was before.  But before we get into that let me tell you a little about my trip to Colorado...

Every year Handsome and I go on a trip for a anniversary... 6 years!  This year we decided to go to Colorado as that is where we would like to move one day.  We wanted to check out Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs. Originally we had made plans to drive since I didn't know if I would be pregnant or not but when I told Handsome we could fly.  He opted to continue and drive to help save some money.  We drove Friday night to Kayenta, Az where we stayed before our 9 hour trek the next day to Ft. Collins.  We took back roads and byways which are typically much prettier.  We went behind monument valley and got to see some of the formations from a different perspective. 
Driving north into Utah allowed us to visit a brewery in Moab (for Handsome) and cross through the mountains into Colorado - there was already snow and even some ski runs were open!
When we got to Ft. Collins we found that we were staying at the cutest little condo.  It was decorated immaculately (we found out later that it was owned by architects), like something your world traveling quirky Aunt would have.  They had left the lights on for us and it was great!  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures :(  While in Ft. Collins we walked the Poudre trail, went to several breweries and went to Old Town to visit the shops and restaurants.  We found a great cheese shop where we went for breakfast one day and had a flight of cheeses and meats along with wine and beer.  We also drove around the city and countryside to look at the housing situation if we decided to move there.

Halfway during our vacation we made the trip down to Colorado Springs.  We visited the Cave of Winds where Handsome was sure that I was going to get lost and left behind because I kept stopping to take pictures.  We also visited the Cheyyenne Mountain zoo where we spent quite a bit of time with the giraffes feeding them crackers and lettuce.  We had the chance to catch up with my Aunt and see her terrific new place.  The place we stayed wasn't as nice as the place in Ft. Collins, in fact at first I thought it was kinda creepy because it had bare bones furniture and was super crooked, it felt like it should be haunted.  However my husband took me into the basement and picked up a shovel telling me he would use it to protect us from zombies... for some reason this made me laugh and after that I thought the house had character.

 Now on to the IVF stuff.  I have been very tired since I started the medication, typically getting to bed before 9pm and sometimes I take naps during lunch time as well.  At my ultrasound appointment on Saturday they said I had at least 10 follicles on each side and they were about 8mm in size (which is typical).  I went back today and the follicles vary from 10mm to 13mm.  I feel fat and bloated as well as tired and sometimes feel as though I have just inhaled water.  Its all the bloating and it could be the start of OHSS but to help combat that (since I have so many follicles that are growing) they started me on a new medication to help combat OHSS.  They said I had something like 12 follicles on one side and 16 on the other.  I go back tomorrow for a blood tests and then Thursday for both a blood tests and another ultrasound.  Once the follicles get around 16mm I will be in everyday until the retrieval.  Keep your fingers crossed that we get lots of mature eggs!  ttyl

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