Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting ready for summer

I recently got a bird feeder, I love seeing all the birds that come visit.  I'll get some pictures and post them soon, I think my favorite are the quail that come and eat the seed that falls to the ground from the feeder.  I find it very peaceful to watch the birds in the morning and then evening.  It is starting to get too hot to watch them at midday although sometimes if I stay on the porch in the shade its not too bad.

Handsome and I got a lot done this weekend.  Our biggest task was to sand and rub our patio furniture with teak oil.  It really brought the furniture back to life and it was beautiful how the oil would bring out the natural colors in the wood. 
Here are all the frames freshly oiled.  The cushions are stained, I was going to throw the cushion covers into  the wash but when I unzipped them the inner pillow was decomposing into a fine what powder.  I have decided I will buy some new cushions.  I asked Handsome if he had any color preferences and he said no, I asked if he was sure because I like bright colors and he likes neutrals... he finally said "no whimsical colors" which made me laugh.  I did manage to get some teal chairs for the porch but I will try and find something that isn't too whimsical but is splashier than brown.

It is Mother's Day today, and I want to send a shout out to my own wonderful Mom and my Mother-In-Law both of whom have been supportive of my infertility struggle.  Last year my Mom even went with me to one of the FETs when it didn't look like Handsome was going to be able to make it.  Mother's Day does bring its own sadness and yearning to my life because I want so bad to have kids and it has been so hard for us.  I decided to buy flowers for us and mixed my favorite, orange tulips, with his, stargazer lilies.  I think it looks very festive.
Hope everyone out there is having a wonderful Mother's Day and truly appreciating their Mom's and their kids.  ttyl