Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Bad Wolf

Cycle day 1 was Friday which meant that my CD3 (when I start the clomid and follistim) would be Sunday.  I called in my CD1 to the ARMS nurse line around 11:00am hoping I would hear back soon whether we were duplicating last cycle's treatment plan and that they had called in the prescriptions.  Handsome and I were going down to Tucson Saturday (to get our taxes done) and the Apothecary Shop that ARMS uses closes at 5:30pm on weekdays and is only open on the weekends Saturday 9:30am - 12:30pm; so I had to pick them up Friday.  At around 2 pm I called the main ARMS line and let them know that I had called in my CD1 call and that I was concerned that I hadn't heard back and that time was an issue since I needed to the meds for Sunday and only had until 5:30pm Friday to get them.  They assured me that the nurses were doing call backs as we spoke and to wait an hour.  I gave them an hour and a half and then called back a little more irate than previously and again explained my need for urgency.  The nurse assured me they would call by 5 pm and I let her know that the pharmacy closes at 5:30 and they needed to call in the prescription before then so I could pick it up.  By this time I was getting more and more irate, I was like the big bad wolf huffing and puffing and getting more worked up and angry the longer this went on.  Luckily I got out of training early and was able to leave the office at 4:20pm.  I drove to the apothecary shop which is quite a ways.  I called my husband on my way to explain the situation and let him know I might be late.  He was as pissed as I was, we pay these people too much money to have this kind of service, and recommended I call them again around 4:45pm.  As I started getting closer I watched the clock getting closer to 5:00.  Now I was MAD!  At around 4:50pm a few blocks away from the Pharmacy I called ARMS again (this was now the third time not including my CD1 call).  Looking back I might have been a bit hard on the girl who answered the phone - the call went something like this:

ARMS:  Arizona Reproductive Services, this is Amina, how can I help you?
Me: Hello Amina, this is Andrea and I have called several times today.  My issue is that I called in my cycle day 1 and if I am going to start my medication on Sunday I have to pick up the prescription today because I will be out of town tomorrow.
ARMS:  The nurses are doing call backs ...
Me: I have yet to get a call on if I will be doing the same cycle as last month, if my prescriptions have been called in, and I want to know if they are going to call in my prescription or if I am going to have to wait another month (which I would if I missed the start day for the medication I would basically be on nothing until my next cycle) to try and have a baby when we have been trying for THREE FRICKEN YEARS THE LAST YEAR WITH YOU GUYS!!!!
ARMS:  Let me put you on hold while I talk to the nurses (I have to admit she kept her cool)
ARMS:  Okay the nurses say they have you on the callback list but I am going to connect you with Shelly to whom I've explained the situation
Me: thank you
Shelly:  This is Shelly
Me: Hi Shelly, if I am going to repeat last cycle I need the meds called into the pharmacy because I will be out of town Saturday so have to pick them up today.
Shelly:  We're going to repeat last cycle, which pharmacy do you want them called into
Me: Tempe....

There was a little more to the conversation as we set up my midcycle ultrasound but the angry part was over.  I was so mad, I tried to be patient and I understand I am not their only patient but surely if someone has some sort of time restraint they could bump that person up the call back list?  I don't know, at least I got my meds although I did not get my triggershot so need to find out if that was called in or not.  At the pharmacy I walked in and told them that the doctor's office had, literally, just called it in and she says "our systems have been down for the last two hours" my heart plummeted in my chest and it must have shown on my face because she told me to give her my name so she could check, as I was telling her my name someone from the back yelled up that she had gotten the call and was filling it right then.  Phew - I was relieved.

Saturday we went down to Tucson and had our taxes done.  Afterwards I was supposed to go shopping with Mom but she bailed so Handsome took me out shopping instead (with only a modicum of complaining).  We have a wedding coming up in a few weeks with a dress code that calls for "smart casual".  The definitions we have found usually are circular and say wear "sharp" pants and a "sharp" shirt, a jacket is optional or wear a smart cardigan.  This was too much so Handsome and I decided that "smart casual" = "mad men-esque"
Handsome bought a white shirt and skinny black tie that he can wear with one of his dark suits and I convinced him to buy a fedora which looks great with his bone structure and is totally retro.  I'll make sure to get pictures.  For me we got a sleeveless sheath dress by Tahari which fits really well - Handsome says it is "sneaky sexy" because it is sexy but doesn't hit you over the head with it.  He half fell out of his chair watching my rear view as I walked back into the dressing room lol!

I started my clomid and injections yesterday, Sunday.  It is the same as last cycle but t his time I have a video of the shot.  This shot didn't hurt at all - smooth and easy.

The Three Little Pigs
"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Like a punch in the stomach my UPT this morning was negative.  Handsome and I have decided to try the combined superovulation/IUI cycle one more time before moving on to IVF.

"Ring around the rosy,
pocketfull of posies,
ashes, ashes,
we all fall down."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Henny Penny

So only two more days until my UPT and I am both excited and terrified.  I hope with all my heart that it comes back positive but am terrified that it will not and that I will be crushed.  Last week, my first week at my new job, did help keep my thoughts occupied.  The group of people that I work with are all really nice and it is a laid back atmosphere.  I am getting a lot of hands on knowledge of the equipment which is very helpful to better understanding the process on which I have been studying documentation and taking training.  I will be meeting with my manager this week hopefully to set up additional training, he was busy last week and will be out the last week of March so I have to try and get some of it set up this week.

I also have to get our taxes done - yay taxes.  I have all of our medical expenses just need to organize them and make sure to get all of our W2s and stuff together.  This weekend was pretty lax which was nice decompression time after my first week at the new job.  Saturday we went out shooting sporting clays with friends of ours.  We rented a 20 gauge for me to use which was much easier on my shoulder.  I didn't shoot an entire round because I started to get a headache but I did like the 20 gauge better.  Our friends brought a pump action shotgun which I did not try because I would totally forget to pump it and I have heard the recoil from pumps are much worse than semi-auto so didn't want to submit to the pain.  While shooting we saw a snake which I first thought was a corn or gopher snake but because of its dark color I think it may have been a red coachwhip.  I always appreciate seeing some nature while we are out on the course.  We also saw some red-tailed hawks flying around.  After shooting we went to lunch at P.F. Chang's which was delicious!  These aren't from this weekend but here are some shots of us on the course and of a hummingbird nest we found last time.  We saw the nest again this weekend but the hummingbird wasn't there.

After lunch Handsome and I went shopping for some jeans.  We went to the Levi's store and I got measured for jeans (first time for everything).  She said I was "demi curve" fit but they just didn't seem to be fitting well so I tried on some of the "bold curve" fit which were better.  I got two dark washes in two different leg cuts... I just checked I and I think I got the wrong ones - I wanted the boot and straight and got the skinny and the skinny boot - guess I'll have to go back.  Today I watched TV while Handsome played Skyrim on the computer.  It has been rainy, cold, cloudy and windy today so we will be enjoying the last of the beef soup that my husband made - thick and hearty perfect for a day such as today.  Oh and we also saw the Three Musketeers on Friday night which I thought was a entertaining movie (not great, but fun) while Handsome kept going on and on about how historically inaccurate it was and how implausible the storyline was.  I liked the guy who played Aramis.

As I have been getting older I am tying to take better care of myself (probably should have started thinking of this stuff in my early 20s).  I have started working out again, always putting face lotion on, and making sure to wear sunscreen when I go outside during the day.  I put sunscreen lotion on my face and chest everyday but I will admit I am still not consistent about putting sunscreen on my body unless I am spending a lot of time outdoors.  When we went to the sporting clays course I made sure to put sunscreen on my shoulders and arms (no need for my legs since I was wearing jeans) before I got dressed.  I also have started using a new lotion on my arms to help with the redness and bumps I have.  I never knew it was a condition but have fairly recently found that the redness and bumps on the back of my arms is called Keratosis Pilaris.  I used to try scrubbing them with my bath scrubber but nothing seemed to be working so I started using KP duty scrub from Derma Doctor (purchased at Sephora).  This scrub which you use 2 - 3 times per week and apply to dry skin before washing it off has done an excellent job of removing the bumps and roughness on the back of my arms.  The redness was still there and when wearing short sleeves or tanktops I felt somewhat self-conscious of my arms.  I went back to Sephora and got the KP Duty lotion which I have been using for about a week now (it says to apply twice a day but I usually only do it in the morning) and I think the redness is going down.  All of this is my own opinion and I'm not getting paid for this, I recommend this to anyone who has the red skin and bumps typical of Keratosis Pilaris or "chicken skin"

Henny Penny
English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs

"One day Henny-penny was picking up corn in the cornyard when–whack!–something hit her upon the head. “Goodness gracious me!” said Henny-penny; “the sky’s a-going to fall; I must go and tell the king.”"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is just a short status update.  Half way there, only 1 week before I take my UPT so keep your fingers crossed for me.  If you haven't checked out my Kindle corner below I highly recommend you check out the current book before I replace it with my newest book.  The book is Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain.  I am an introvert and growing up I was sometimes made to feel as though there was something wrong with me because I was not as outgoing as others; this book helped me better understand why I am the way I am and how to use my strengths in life.  I suggest it to everyone who is introverted or knows someone who is (everybody does).  For instance, every year my husband and I try to go to a family/friends get-together on the Fourth of July at my cousins house.  I love all of my cousins and their children but sometimes I feel overwhelmed especially when there are so many people I don't know (friends that come for the 4th) and I have to take some time to myself - usually I go read a few chapters in my room - to decompress.  This is not because I am antisocial or don't like everyone - everybody is SO NICE that it would be impossible not to get along with them but I just get overloaded and need to take time to settle or I might go bonkers.  Quiet has helped me understand that this is totally normal for me and not to beat myself up about it.  With the new job I don't know if we'll make it this year but I am going to try! ttyl

Hush Little Baby
"Hush little baby, don't say a word
Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby bumblebee

Starting on Friday I had to start using my crinone 8% gel suppositories.  I think these might be the worst thing about using ART (assisted reproductive technology).  I have to use them daily until I take my pregnancy test.  If my UPT (urine pregnancy test) is positive I have to continue using the suppositories and if it is negative I stop and wait for my period.  So I hope I have to stay on them even though I dislike them. 
Above you can see the suppository (along with 31 cents - no idea why that is there).  First you shake it down to make sure all of the gel is near the application tip (you can also hold it up to the light and see if it is).  Next you hold it by the tab on the right while you twist off the tab and tip on the left.  This leaves you with a smooth tube which is good because for a while there I was a little scared trying to use this.  After inserting it into the vagina you push on the bulb on the right which uses air to push a little ball towards the end and push the appropriate dose of gel.  Originally I was told to take this twice a day but when I got the crinone instead of the progesterone I was told only once a day.  I think the crinone is supposed to work better than progesterone.  According to  their website,, it is a naturally derived progesterone from plants in a bioadhesive gel that has less side effects as some synthetic progesterone.  I will say it does seem less messy than the progesterone cream I used before.  I guess my big dislike of it is that I am always afraid of discharge and a mess that it might create.  I haven't experienced anything like that so far but it is still a worry.  Luckily the website does say that morning application reduces chances of discharge and so I will just continue to monitor.  Only 9 more days until I can take my UPT.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  The wait is difficult but I am almost halfway there and I can't just dwell on it.  This next week at work should help keep my mind focused on other things. 

Handsome is out shooting sporting clays right now but I have been a little sniffly lately and didn't want to go out.  I think my allergies are acting up so staying inside is probably the best recourse for me right now.  If you check out my Facebook page you can see that we went to watch a spring training baseball game on Friday.  I don't know how much of the game we watched but it was nice hanging out (we went with some of his friends from work) and talking.  I was also enjoying watching the children who were playing and rolling down the grassy hill we were on.  Later we found out that at an earlier game they had a bee delay - yes you read that correctly BEE delay; apparently a whole bunch of bees were disrupting  the game and people were getting stung!  Glad we had no bee delays or bees at all bothering us!  Handsome might have had a little to much to drink because he ended up going to bed by 7:30pm on Friday which is not like him at all!  Saturday we went to pharmacy to pick up the rest of my crinone and then to the mall to get his hair cut.  We ate at Kona Grill and I tried their lobster truffle mac and cheese - not bad but not the best mac and cheese I have had either.  Typically I get their caterpillar roll but wanted to try something different.  Then we came home and watched Immortals and Star Trek (2009 movie).  Immortals was not what I thought it would be and I was slightly disappointed - guess I will just have to wait for Wrath of the Titans!  I like the Star Trek movie every time I see it and this was no exception.  Tonight if we have time I think we might watch the Switch.  ttyl

Baby Bumblebee
"I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee,
Won't my mama be so proud of me,
I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee.

Ouch it stung me!

I'm squishing up my baby bumblebee,
Won't my mama be so proud of me,
I'm squishing up my baby bumblebee.

Ooh what a mess!

I'm licking up my baby bumblebee,
Won't my mama be so proud of me,
I'm licking up my baby bumblebee.

bzzzz - I caught another one!

I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee!"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sitting on my tuffett

So I did a lot of couch sitting yesterday.  Even though it isn't required by the procedure, Handsome and I thought we would be best off with me relaxing and laying on the couch after the procedure.  Yesterday, Tuesday, at 9am was my scheduled IUI, Intra-uterine insemination.  The actual technique used was FSP, fallopian tube sperm perfusion, it takes a little longer than a typical insemination but ARMS feels they have a better success rate using the FSP.  Handsome had gone in earlier for specimen deposit.  He texted me with the identification number on his sample so we can make sure we make Handsome babies and not random-guy babies.  At my appointment I was seen into a room with a bed/table with standard stirrups.  I don't know if I have explained this before but the stirrups in the room where I get the ultrasound are different, instead of you heels going into them your knees go over them.  The set of stirrups in this room were you typical heel stirrups.  I had Nurse Practitioner Orr who I like because she always lets me know everything that is going on, some people might think it is over explaining but I like it.  I verified the paperwork and sample was from Handsome, it was, and then I was told to undress from the waist down (after visiting the bathroom to empty my bladder) and use a paper gown (that big piece of tissue paper) for modesty. 

When NP Orr came in she asked how I was feeling and then let me lie back on the table.  She turned down the lights so they wouldn't be glaring in my eyes and then went to work.  She gave me a play by play as she worked which I found helpful as I knew then what to anticipate. NP Orr said that Handsome was a stud (I made sure to remember that so I could tease him later!) because they want a sperm count of at least 5 million sperm and he had over a 100 million for his count.  First she used a speculum so she could access everything.  She said it was a small speculum - I don' know it felt about average to me but wasn't unduly uncomfortable.  She then said she was wiping away some cervical fluid but I couldn't really feel that.  Next she rinsed out and showed mt the tube that she would be using.  It was a thin tube with a little balloon that she could inflate or deflate - I don't know the mechanism but she showed me it inflating and deflating.  Inflated it was a little bigger than a pencil eraser.  The tube was then inserted through my cervix - it was similar in pressure and discomfort as a standard pap smear.  NP Orr said she would now inflate the balloon and I might feel a cramp, after inflating the balloon she didn't like the seal it made so she deflated it repositioned slightly and re-inflated it.  All of this did give me mild cramps but they were mild, I concentrated on relaxing and that seemed to help.  The balloon is inflated so that the insemination fluid can only move forward into the uterus and not back out to the vagina.  She then started to inject the fluid, she went slow because as she explained it to me it was more fluid than the uterus holds so some of the fluid moves into the fallopian tubes where fertilization usually takes place.  Afterwards she placed a pillow under my hips and told me to lay there for 20 minutes, I read my book until the timer went off and then I was free to go. 

I was told that I might experience cramping, some spotting, some discharge of the fluid but lucky me I didn't experience any of those things.  I went home and laid on the couch for almost 2 hours and then got up to eat.  I laid back on the couch and took an afternoon nap before waking up to watch some TV.  I have been watching the 2000/2001 series of The Invisible Man.  I might also have had some chocolate ice cream.  Handsome made fun of me being a "kept woman" since I am not working this week and sat on the couch all day yesterday but he called me a few times to check on me.  Today I feel fine and am planning on going to work out tonight at weight class.  I start progesterone on Friday to help prolong the luteal phase of my cycle and then on the 20th I will do a pregnancy test.  I will report the findings here but if when it is positive please don't congratulate me until we have gotten further along (around 12 weeks).  Well that is all for now... ttyl

Little Miss Muffet
"Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away"

Monday, March 5, 2012

Queen of Hearts

I know, I know.. I promised to update you guys yesterday but Handsome wanted my attention all day!  He didn't necessarily need me to talk to him or anything he just wanted me to be with him and so I got no computer time yesterday.  So this will be a longer post to make up for the delay and catch you guys up on what is happening in our lives.

So as reported Saturday, we had a doctor's appointment at 9:15am.  I had tried to get an earlier appointment so we could get to the Renaissance Festival earlier but those time slots were reserved for people undergoing IVF.  We got there early to see if we couldn't be seen earlier but alas that was not the case.  We got there about 9am and didn't get seen until almost 9:45am.  Most of this waiting period was in the bathroom in my paper "gown".  When the doctor finally knocked to let me know to come in I was surprised to find Dr. Johnson (I was under the assumption it would be Dr. Moffitt).  Now I trust that he knows his stuff but I had an early interaction with him that has left me not loving the guy.  The first time I met him, as I am entering the room in my oh so comfortable paper gown, he puts his hand out to shake and introduces himself - now typically this would be fine but I am trying to hold the back of the gown for modesty and just really would have liked him to forgo the formal introduction.  Then when I was on the table instead of just focusing on my uterus and ovaries and follicles, he starts trying for small talk about the weather and stuff - look we are NOT out on a date or meeting at a party why don't you just focus on the job at hand and ditch the chit chat!  Maybe he was just trying to be nice but it just kind of creeped me out - I mean who wants to chit chat with a guy with a wand up your lady parts?

Anyways, back to Saturday... he first looked at the right ovary which had 3 follicles and then the left which had 2 follicles.  One was ready for trigger on Saturday but by waiting until Sunday we could get 3 good eggs instead of 1 - 2 so we went with that option.  Dr. Johnson also checked out my uterine lining - all good - and saw a small circle he said could be a fibroid but after checking from different angles he thinks it is nothing.  Even if it was a small fibroid he said they would recommend we continue on.  He recommended that we reduce the triggershot by half to stimulate release while decreasing possibility of cysts.  I asked Dr. Johnson if the shots could make you susceptible to bruising because I have a small bruises on my knee, thigh and near my right armpit and then a larger bruise on the underside of my left arm but he said bruising at the injection site is normal but hasn't heard of it anywhere else.  He teasingly asked Handsome what he was doing to me to give me these bruises.  Handsome made his appointment for 7:30am Tuesday which made my appointment 9:00am on Tuesday, 34 hours after the triggershot at 11:00pm on Sunday.

After the appointment we stopped at Frys to pick up the Ren Faire tickets and stopped by Jack n' the Box for some hamburgers.  I was getting so hungry that my head was starting to hurt.  The traffic to the Ren Faire was miserable as we got closer it seemed to get slower.  We got the Ren Faire at 11am (not bad it opens at 10 and we knew we would be late due to the appointment).  We saw some of the shops and got drinks before going to the bird show which is one of my favorite.  I love Smeagle, the vulture, and how he hops around.

Next came the redtail hawk which I am familiar with as they are common to  Arizona, see how he "mantels" around his food?  He really didn't want to go back home and they had a lot of trouble trying to get him back.  He almost went once and then decided to go shopping for squirrels in the nearest tree instead.  They finally got it under control but it is always funny the chaos that animals and children can bring to a show.

Then came the eagle owl which looks similar to a great horned owl but is at least two times larger, and then the white backed vulture.  I love these pictures of the white backed vulture, he has such personality in his face and body language.

Last came the falcon and the king vulture  - look as those beautiful markings on his face!  Mayans thought that if the shadow of a king vulture touched you, you would die.

After the bird show "The Ancient Art of Falconry" I think is what they call it we wandered around until the next showing of The London Broil Show.  We watch this show every year and I think they are hilarious... and I might have a small crush on Louie :)  They are a comedic juggling show.  Some of their show is scripted but they also improv when the occasion calls for it.  I would load another video but my video of Smeagle is taking forever doesn't seem to load, so just pictures.
 Above you can see them doing their standard 9 pin juggling.  And then below they are working on their 11 pin juggling.  They went up to 13 pins without any expectation of catching all 13 - apparently 12 is their current limit.
Then these stupid drunk guys decided to involve themselves in the show which I found annoying but the London Broil guys just went with it. 
The guys did some blade juggling with some real volunteers, not drunk annoying people, that they juggled around.  At the end they tell them to duck and throw the blade over their heads but they always wait to make sure everybody has hit the ground before throwing the blades at the end. (I don't have any good pictures of this)  Lastly they juggled blade, fire and a creepy club with nails poking out of it while on roller bowlers (planks on PVC pipe).
(you have to be there)
At the end I had Handsome take my picture with my Ren Faire crush, Louie also known as Danger Louie!!!!

You can see in this photo that I did not wear my wings (maybe next time) but I did wear my bells and heard music wherever I walked. Afterwards we continued to look at the shows and enjoy the food and drink before heading back towards Phoenix.  We all went to Aunt Chilada's on Baseline and gorged on chips and salsa.  I had a cheese crisp which they make so well there... sorry about the meal plan Sparkles!

Later Handsome and I watched a movie, Repo Men with Jude Law.  It was a good movie full of action and some romance; the best parts were of course when Jude had his shirt off.  Sunday we decided to stay home instead of going to the range so Handsome would have time to brew his beer.  We went grocery shopping and then when we got home I sat outside on the patio reading while he did some yard work and brewed his beer.  Later we played RayMan Origins until he got the grill going and made tri-tip shish-ka-bobs - YUMMY!  Afterwards we watched a movies, a comedy this time called Zach and Miri make a Porno.  There were of course lots of shots of women's breasts but the overall story was funny and a great time.  The movie also helped keep me awake for my triggershot at 11pm.

The triggershot comes in two vials, one with a solvent and one with the medication in powder form.  Handsome uses a 100 unit needle to extract 100 units from the solvent and then injects it into the vial with the powder.

Then he rolls the solution in his hands to mix it up without causing a lot of bubbles.  After it is mixed he uses a different needle to withdraw the solution for the shot.  In the past we did 100 units but this time did only 50 per doctor's orders.

Once the syringe is full the shot is ready and its time for the poke.  I pinched the skin and Handsome injected the solution.  Typically this does not hurt because the needle is so fine and the needle on this 50 unit syringe looked shorter so I thought it wouldn't hurt - I was wrong.  It wasn't excruciating or anything but definitely felt like a pin prick.  I don't know if it was the needle, I pinched the skin to hard, we hit a bit of scar tissue or what but even Handsome said it didn't go in easily and he felt resistance.  Oh well its done now :)
Finally I got to go to bed!  Then up early this morning to work out with Sparkles and then clean the kitchen and fold laundry.  Tomorrow after my appointment I will lay on the couch and think good thoughts.  TTYL

To commemorate the rolaty at the Renaissance Faire:
The Queen of Hearts:
The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summer's day;
The Knave of Hearts he stole the tarts and took them clean away.
The King of Hearts called for the tarts and beat the Knave full sore
The Knave of Hearts brought back the tarts and vowed he'd steal no more.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jack quick

Just wanted to drop a quick not before I go and cuddle with Handsome on the couch.  At the doctor's office today I had 3 follicles on the right and two on the left.  Some were perfect size and some a little smaller.  The doctor said we could trigger tonight or tomorrow but if we triggered tomorrow we might get 3 eggs instead of two.  We will be triggering tomorrow at 11pm and then Handsome goes in at 7:30 am on Tuesday and I go in at 9am Tuesday.  Then we wait two weeks and test.  ttyl (more info tomorrow and pics from the Ren Faire).

Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jump over the candlestick

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bells on her toes

Aaack!  The sides of my arms down to the sides of my back are so sore!  Sparkles killed me on Tuesday with a series of exercises on the rings (like olympic style rings!) followed by dead lifts, shoulder raises, chest press and then the roman chair.  If that wasn't enough in weight class on Wednesday I thought I would be fine since most of my exercises were mainly legs and abs but then he had us all get into a circle and we were doing back, shoulder and arm exercises with weights that we passed around.  I thought my arms hurt yesterday but I have new soreness today.  Luckily yesterday he worked my legs so the arms should be back to normal by tomorrow.  I have gone down a pant size and am more fit, healthier and I have more energy than before.  I only have a handful of sessions with him left and then will be on my own although he'll give me lists of exercises to do.

So today is SUPER exciting because it is my last day of work!  There will be a lot of people that I miss seeing everyday but I will stay in contact with my closest friends.  My new job isn't that far away so I can meet up for lunch with friends and old co-workers.  I have all of next week off and then start my new job on the 12th.  I am very excited but nervous as well.  I just have to keep reminding myself that when I started here I didn't know everything and I learned it and developed and the same will be true at the new job.  Today is also exciting because tomorrow is our follicle check to determine how many follicles we created and if there are any cysts.  I am visualizing 4 perfect follicles and no cysts.  They will measure the follicles so they can determine if I need to take my last dose of Follistim (FSH, follicle stimulating hormone) and when to take my trigger shot.

This weekend I will also be going to the Renaissance Faire with Handsome and his brother and brother's wife.  I will pictures and hopefully be able to post.  Do you think 34 is too old to wear fairy wings and bells?  I think I will definitely wear the bells still deciding on the wings.  The bells are along a thin rope that I loop around my waist, I would love to find some tiny (like half inch high) bell earrings (and not jingle bells but real bells) that I could wear as well.  Maybe this year at the Ren Faire. ttyl

"Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross
  To see a fine lady upon a white horse
  Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
  She shall have music wherever she goes."