Friday, November 22, 2013


So late Friday afternoon we got the call that the retrieval would be on Sunday (last Sunday the 17th).  I had to rush home to give myself the Menopure (which had to be given 2 hours prior to the trigger shot) and it made me SO glad that Handsome has been giving me my shots.  It's not so much that it hurt, it is just really hard to continue pushing a sharp implement into your stomach and then I didn't realize the fluid was so thick and hard to inject!  Handsome came home in time to give me the trigger shot at 7:30pm and our retrieval was set for Sunday at 7:30am.

The retrieval went well and Dr. Behera told Handsome we had 23 eggs!  That is great!  On Monday I only worked a half day because I didn't feel well and I was starting to swell up like a balloon.  Turns out I got OHSS, Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome, and was building up fluid in my abdomen.  On Monday they called and said that 14 of the eggs had fertilized and the early embryo and growth looked normal while 6 fertilized but were a little slow in growth.  I was surprised so many had fertilized.  We will hear this weekend how many made it to 4 days and their grading.

Meanwhile I have continued to blow up like a balloon.  Monday night I got sick which could have been the OHSS or the medication (Percoset).  I stayed home Tuesday and went to the doctor where they gave me 2 liters of intravenous fluids.  Wednesday was probably the worst and while I am definitely not back to normal it goes down a little everyday.  The acupuncture should help although I almost thought water would come up from the needles; it didn't but I almost wished it would have to let the pressure off.  My skin is tight, its hard to breathe deep, drink or eat much because there is just no room.  Although it seem counter-intuitive when you swell up with fluids you are supposed to drink more.  I had an ultrasound on Thursday and there were great big patches of fluid in my abdomen.  Ah well - I little bit better each day and hopefully I will be all better soon , fingers crossed.  ttyl