Monday, March 5, 2012

Queen of Hearts

I know, I know.. I promised to update you guys yesterday but Handsome wanted my attention all day!  He didn't necessarily need me to talk to him or anything he just wanted me to be with him and so I got no computer time yesterday.  So this will be a longer post to make up for the delay and catch you guys up on what is happening in our lives.

So as reported Saturday, we had a doctor's appointment at 9:15am.  I had tried to get an earlier appointment so we could get to the Renaissance Festival earlier but those time slots were reserved for people undergoing IVF.  We got there early to see if we couldn't be seen earlier but alas that was not the case.  We got there about 9am and didn't get seen until almost 9:45am.  Most of this waiting period was in the bathroom in my paper "gown".  When the doctor finally knocked to let me know to come in I was surprised to find Dr. Johnson (I was under the assumption it would be Dr. Moffitt).  Now I trust that he knows his stuff but I had an early interaction with him that has left me not loving the guy.  The first time I met him, as I am entering the room in my oh so comfortable paper gown, he puts his hand out to shake and introduces himself - now typically this would be fine but I am trying to hold the back of the gown for modesty and just really would have liked him to forgo the formal introduction.  Then when I was on the table instead of just focusing on my uterus and ovaries and follicles, he starts trying for small talk about the weather and stuff - look we are NOT out on a date or meeting at a party why don't you just focus on the job at hand and ditch the chit chat!  Maybe he was just trying to be nice but it just kind of creeped me out - I mean who wants to chit chat with a guy with a wand up your lady parts?

Anyways, back to Saturday... he first looked at the right ovary which had 3 follicles and then the left which had 2 follicles.  One was ready for trigger on Saturday but by waiting until Sunday we could get 3 good eggs instead of 1 - 2 so we went with that option.  Dr. Johnson also checked out my uterine lining - all good - and saw a small circle he said could be a fibroid but after checking from different angles he thinks it is nothing.  Even if it was a small fibroid he said they would recommend we continue on.  He recommended that we reduce the triggershot by half to stimulate release while decreasing possibility of cysts.  I asked Dr. Johnson if the shots could make you susceptible to bruising because I have a small bruises on my knee, thigh and near my right armpit and then a larger bruise on the underside of my left arm but he said bruising at the injection site is normal but hasn't heard of it anywhere else.  He teasingly asked Handsome what he was doing to me to give me these bruises.  Handsome made his appointment for 7:30am Tuesday which made my appointment 9:00am on Tuesday, 34 hours after the triggershot at 11:00pm on Sunday.

After the appointment we stopped at Frys to pick up the Ren Faire tickets and stopped by Jack n' the Box for some hamburgers.  I was getting so hungry that my head was starting to hurt.  The traffic to the Ren Faire was miserable as we got closer it seemed to get slower.  We got the Ren Faire at 11am (not bad it opens at 10 and we knew we would be late due to the appointment).  We saw some of the shops and got drinks before going to the bird show which is one of my favorite.  I love Smeagle, the vulture, and how he hops around.

Next came the redtail hawk which I am familiar with as they are common to  Arizona, see how he "mantels" around his food?  He really didn't want to go back home and they had a lot of trouble trying to get him back.  He almost went once and then decided to go shopping for squirrels in the nearest tree instead.  They finally got it under control but it is always funny the chaos that animals and children can bring to a show.

Then came the eagle owl which looks similar to a great horned owl but is at least two times larger, and then the white backed vulture.  I love these pictures of the white backed vulture, he has such personality in his face and body language.

Last came the falcon and the king vulture  - look as those beautiful markings on his face!  Mayans thought that if the shadow of a king vulture touched you, you would die.

After the bird show "The Ancient Art of Falconry" I think is what they call it we wandered around until the next showing of The London Broil Show.  We watch this show every year and I think they are hilarious... and I might have a small crush on Louie :)  They are a comedic juggling show.  Some of their show is scripted but they also improv when the occasion calls for it.  I would load another video but my video of Smeagle is taking forever doesn't seem to load, so just pictures.
 Above you can see them doing their standard 9 pin juggling.  And then below they are working on their 11 pin juggling.  They went up to 13 pins without any expectation of catching all 13 - apparently 12 is their current limit.
Then these stupid drunk guys decided to involve themselves in the show which I found annoying but the London Broil guys just went with it. 
The guys did some blade juggling with some real volunteers, not drunk annoying people, that they juggled around.  At the end they tell them to duck and throw the blade over their heads but they always wait to make sure everybody has hit the ground before throwing the blades at the end. (I don't have any good pictures of this)  Lastly they juggled blade, fire and a creepy club with nails poking out of it while on roller bowlers (planks on PVC pipe).
(you have to be there)
At the end I had Handsome take my picture with my Ren Faire crush, Louie also known as Danger Louie!!!!

You can see in this photo that I did not wear my wings (maybe next time) but I did wear my bells and heard music wherever I walked. Afterwards we continued to look at the shows and enjoy the food and drink before heading back towards Phoenix.  We all went to Aunt Chilada's on Baseline and gorged on chips and salsa.  I had a cheese crisp which they make so well there... sorry about the meal plan Sparkles!

Later Handsome and I watched a movie, Repo Men with Jude Law.  It was a good movie full of action and some romance; the best parts were of course when Jude had his shirt off.  Sunday we decided to stay home instead of going to the range so Handsome would have time to brew his beer.  We went grocery shopping and then when we got home I sat outside on the patio reading while he did some yard work and brewed his beer.  Later we played RayMan Origins until he got the grill going and made tri-tip shish-ka-bobs - YUMMY!  Afterwards we watched a movies, a comedy this time called Zach and Miri make a Porno.  There were of course lots of shots of women's breasts but the overall story was funny and a great time.  The movie also helped keep me awake for my triggershot at 11pm.

The triggershot comes in two vials, one with a solvent and one with the medication in powder form.  Handsome uses a 100 unit needle to extract 100 units from the solvent and then injects it into the vial with the powder.

Then he rolls the solution in his hands to mix it up without causing a lot of bubbles.  After it is mixed he uses a different needle to withdraw the solution for the shot.  In the past we did 100 units but this time did only 50 per doctor's orders.

Once the syringe is full the shot is ready and its time for the poke.  I pinched the skin and Handsome injected the solution.  Typically this does not hurt because the needle is so fine and the needle on this 50 unit syringe looked shorter so I thought it wouldn't hurt - I was wrong.  It wasn't excruciating or anything but definitely felt like a pin prick.  I don't know if it was the needle, I pinched the skin to hard, we hit a bit of scar tissue or what but even Handsome said it didn't go in easily and he felt resistance.  Oh well its done now :)
Finally I got to go to bed!  Then up early this morning to work out with Sparkles and then clean the kitchen and fold laundry.  Tomorrow after my appointment I will lay on the couch and think good thoughts.  TTYL

To commemorate the rolaty at the Renaissance Faire:
The Queen of Hearts:
The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summer's day;
The Knave of Hearts he stole the tarts and took them clean away.
The King of Hearts called for the tarts and beat the Knave full sore
The Knave of Hearts brought back the tarts and vowed he'd steal no more.

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