Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walking among flowers

Hi All!  Not a lot new on the fertility front as I am in a holding pattern for the next 22 days until my next cyst check to see if the cyst has resolved (gone away) and we can start on my next treatment.  Dr. Moffitt has explained that on my next superovulation/IUI cycle I will do two units of injectables for two days and then 1 dose the other 5 days.  This means a greater cost but if it works it will be a lot less than IVF. 

Handsome and I took the dogs to Tempe Town lake for a walk and ended up walking 3 miles all the way around the lake.  The weather was perfect because although much of the country is cold this time of year we have been having perfect weather and it was in the low 70's on Saturday.  Unfortunately the rest of the weekend was spent in (although my husband went shooting sporting clays) because I was under the weather.  Low grade fever, sore throat and coughing but I seemed to get over the worst of it over the weekend and have been feeling much better. 

Last night to make sure I was good-to-go today for training I stayed home last night and made dinner while Handsome went to the gym.  When he got home he surprised me with these!
I absolutely LOVE tulips!  They are so fresh and beautiful!  I love them in every color they come in.  This pop of color and nature in my home brings me joy and happiness every time I look at them.  Today I had my training session with Sparkles and my legs are killing me!  He had me do lunges, step ups, kettle bells, and then about a million crunches and leg lifts for my abs.  The worst is when he calls hold and I have to hold at the top of the crunch - and then he tells me to breath...as if!  Afterwards when my legs felt like they wanted to fall off I had to do 40 minutes of cardio.  Luckily I have my Kindle Fire on which I watch the series "Numbers" which makes the time pass quickly.  Well it is just about bed time for me but I will talk to you later!  Good night!

"On the following night she was again wakened by sweet singing and babies
laughing. She rose and stole softly through her garden. The moon was
shining brightly on the tulip bed, and the flowers were swaying to and
fro. The old woman looked closely and she saw, standing by each tulip,
a little Fairy mother who was crooning and rocking the flower like a
cradle, while in each tulip-cup lay a little Fairy baby laughing and
playing." - part of an English folktale

PS My camera charger came in the mail today so I have it charging the batteries so hopefully more pictures in the future!

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