Monday, September 3, 2012

Pre-Transfer Post

I'm getting super excited and super nervous for tomorrow.  I wanted to keep you guys in the loop and I will be on couch rest tomorrow so I thought I would drop a note today.  No pictures today but hopefully Wednesday. 

Saturday I started taking two 24mg methylprednisone which I will continue to take through tomorrow night, transfer day.  I take them at night before going to bed.  I am still taking the Prometrium three times a day and that's probably the worst since it likes to ooze out into my underwear if I don't go the the bathroom as soon as a I have the smallest inkling I might need to.  As long as I go the bathroom every hour and a half or so I seem to do okay.  Tonight with dinner, Bison burgers, I will take my first antibiotic as well as tomorrow morning with breakfast.  I will take my Valium with me to take 30 minutes prior to the transfer.

My transfer is scheduled for 11:00 am tomorrow and we will be getting there at 10:00 to meet my acupuncturist at 10:15.  I am going to see if Handsome will take some pictures of the pins so I can show you guys.  We will be transferring two blastocysts and then I will be getting post transfer acupuncture as well.  Then it will be back home for couch rest and lots of movie watching.

Got lots done this long weekend!  Saturday I purchased a small narrow bookcase for my craft/sewing desk.  I covered the back with a pretty floral paper, used paper tape on the front edges of the shelves and decorated the sides with some floral wall decals.  The only thing I am missing now is a bin for my wrapping paper but I decide to take the old pink one back and will be replacing it - pictures soon to come.  I also painted my nails.  All my finger nails look like crap after today (more about that in a moment) so I will be removing it tonight.  Toes still look great though - dark blue.

Sunday I had  GREAT day out shopping with a girlfriend.  I bought some great tops and a slammin' dress.  Maybe next weekend we can look at shoes.  I also found a great 50s inspired dress as White House Black Market but since I am going to be pregnant tomorrow I would only fit in it for a few weeks and then not be able to wear it again for 9+ so even though it was on sale and fit great I left it behind.

Then after a great day of shopping Handsome and I went out to Modern Steak and had a fabulous meal.  I had all natural beef - grass fed and no antibiotics or hormones.  It was so tender and delicious and we put crab truffle butter on top -delish!!! We had a butter poached crab with truffles for an appetizer and saved the left over butter for our steaks.  It was great and I can't wait to go back!

Today we decided to clean out our closet and our spare closet.  We took 7-9 bags of clothes, shoes, old electronics, etc. to Goodwill.  It feel so good to clean out and clean up spaces.  I realized that emotionally I felt like I was making room and cleaning up for the new life that we hope to be ours.  The only unfortunate thing today was our washer stopped in the middle of a cycle.  We tried to open up the back to look at it (sacrificing my nail job in the effort) but we couldn't figure it out.  The washer is at least 7 years old as it was in when we purchased the house and in all probability is probably over 10 years old.  So we took ourselves over to to Lowes and bought a new one - it will be delivered next Sunday.

Well until Wednesday comes - keep us in your thoughts! ttyl

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