Saturday, October 6, 2012

California Dreamin'

Ugghh another post without pictures... I'm sorry! Wee I most likely will not be blogging while on vacation but when I get back I promise - pictures, lots of pictures so many pictures you'll get sick of my pictures.  Maybe I'll take a few of Handsome lookin' sexy so you can have some eye candy - just remember he's mine girls.. all mine.  Our trip starts tomorrow and I am excited! I have all cute clothes so hopefully I won't look like every other dumb tourist, I'll look fashionable.  People will wonder who that girl is - she must be model, no she's too short to be a model. 

Today was pretty great; I got acupuncture and saw my friend Meghan, it was great to catch up and we made promises to get together when we are both back from various vacations - probably November.  I also met a new friend who is going through some of the same challenges we are.  She overheard me talking about my next transfer and introduced herself.  So here's hoping you are reading the blog and enjoy it!  Also give me a call - we'll do lunch.  Actually that's an open invitation to any readers who are in the Phoenix area (sorry guys I can't afford to fly out of town for lunch I gots all these IVF bills ya know).  Well I will talk to you guys in a week. ttyl

California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas
"California Dreamin'
on such a winter's summer's day"

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