Thursday, April 5, 2012

Money Have I None

So as you may know from a previous post or from Facebook I recently started a new job (about a month ago).  I took a week off between jobs, we have had two IUI procedures, we had to pay for Handsome's application to the Colorado Bar, buy clothes and presents for a wedding, and for my first paycheck my new employer pays a week behind so it was only for one week; needless to say we are at the bare bones of our savings account.  We have other assets in stocks and such but want tot try and stay away from that if at all necessary.  The good news is that we both get paid tomorrow and we should start to be able to replenish our savings.

Yesterday was our second IUI and we feel really positive about this one.  As I mentioned on Sunday we had 5 eggs and unlike last time these were much more uniform in size (last time we had one that was ready and two that were quite a bit behind), and the increased number ups our chances.  In addition, they typically hope for at least 5 million for sperm count and my stud of a husband had 356 million!  In the picture below you can see how the sample and implements are set up for the IUI. 

So in the blue grid you can see a vial of sterile water (vial furthest away) which the nurse uses to clean/rinse the tube that delivers the sperm which is in the second vial (nearest vial).  I have also put a closeup of the tube below although it is still in its packaging so I don't know what you can make out.  The nurse sucks up the water and then injects it into the sink then she sucks up the sperm and threads the tube through my cervix to inject it into my uterus.  I went over this procedure in a previous post so won't reiterate.
For now we are staying positive, Handsome will put his hand on my belly and say "Goooo Babies!" and lift his hand up almost like you do in a team huddle when you say go team.  I'll start the crinone on Saturday and will test on the 18th.  Until then keep you fingers crossed and keep me in your thoughts :)

Hey, Ho, Nobody Home
"Hey, ho, nobody home,
meat nor drink nor money have I none,
still I will be merry,
hey, ho, nobody home."

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