Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zipping up

This was a long and busy weekend.  Handsome had a friend in Tucson from Washington that he wanted to see and I had the sono-mock scheduled for Friday morning so we decided that Handsome would come with me to  the appointment and directly afterwards we would pick up the dogs and head to Tucson.  Once in Tucson we dropped the dogs off at my parents house and went and met my husband's friends (some other friends had also met up in Tucson) for drinks and lunch.  We went to Gentle Ben's which is not the best bar on University Blvd as their beer selection and food is decidedly average.  Afterwards we went to The Shelter on Grant and were the first people in the bar it opened at 3:00pm and we got there at 2:55pm.  It wasn't bad although I could have done without seeing the cockroach in the bathroom :)  They guys were all tired since they had basically been drinking for the past 2+ days so we dropped them off at their hotel and went back to the house.  I took a nap because the sono-mock really took it out of me.  We met up with the guys later and had dinner and drinks and then I decided to go home - I was exhausted - and told Handsome that he could call me and I would pick him up or he could take a taxi.  He decided to take a taxi and texted me at 2am that he was at the front door (he doesn't have a key). 

Saturday we relaxed - I woke up fairly early and spent the time talking to my parents and watching Desperado.  My husband slept in but finally got up for lunch and then we came back and took a nap for a couple hours.  We packed up our stuff and the dogs and made it back up to Phoenix by 8pm, went to Aunt Chilada's for dinner and then back home to watch Top Shot.  Today we got up fairly early so we could go out to the Sporting Clay range.  We were joined by some friends and I actually did pretty well today although my shoulder is a little sore.  While at station 12 we saw what appeared to be a bald eagle which was really cool and I wish I had been able to grab a picture.  Grocery shopping is done and my wonderful husband will be grilling bison burgers tonight for dinner!

I'm sure you are all wondering about the sono-mock and how that went, well even if you aren't I'll tell you.  It pretty much sucked, it wasn't the worst experience in my life or even the worst experience during our fertility challenge, but it wasn't fun.  Both Handsome and I were told to take antibiotics the night before and and breakfast the day of t he procedure.  I was also told to take 3 Advil before hand and come with a full bladder.  When we got to ARMS the nurse asked if my bladder was full, I told her it wasn't bursting but I could probably go to the bathroom.  After taking my vitals she gave me another glass of water to drink and this time by the time I was finished and the doctor called me in I REALLY needed to go. 

I was shown into the bathroom that connects to the examination room and undressed from the waist down.  While we waited my husband decided to use the bathroom which made me have to go even MORE!!!  Once in the room Dr. Moffitt inserted a speculum which is one of the worst things they are ALWAYS uncomfortable.  He asked what progesterone supplement I had been on and I told him Crinone.  He said there was residual and proceeded to remove it by what felt like scraping me clean with a spatula and seemed unnecessarily rough - not hurtful rough but a little fast and uncomfortable.  Then he tipped the table backwards so he would be able to see and guide the soft catheter for the mock transfer.  I thought that being tipped backwards would help my bladder but it made it worse and I kept fearing that I just wouldn't be able to hold it anymore - wouldn't that have been embarrassing.  The used gel and an ultrasound on my belly (of course pushing on my bladder) and it was good fun all around **sarcasm**  Finally he said I could go to the bathroom before the sonogram. 

When I came back an intern was going to try performing the sonogram.  I got back up on the table and again had to have a speculum.  Then she moved the tube into place.  I have gone through similar instances in the past so was ready for the cramping when she got it through the cervix and blew up the balloon.  They removed the speculum and inserted the vaginal ultrasound wand. Then they started to fill my uterus with saline which also caused some mild cramping but unfortunately the balloon had slipped and the saline was running out.  Nothing like feeling like you are wetting your pants to make you feel special.  They took out the wand and re-inserted the speculum - joy.  They had to reinsert the tube, she tried once more and when she couldn't get it Dr. Moffitt did it.  Because the balloon had slipped they decided to put it all the way into the uterus before blowing up the balloon which caused worse cramping.  Once it was in place they removed the speculum again and reinserted the wand. 

This time when they started filling with the saline it started cramping again.  Handsome was great he held my hand and stroked my hair the entire time.  When ever a cramp would hit I would squeeze his hand and he would squeeze back.  I was really happy that he had come with me, I wouldn't want to go through it alone.  While they were performing the sonogram all of a sudden I had to stop Handsome for stroking my hair because I felt like I was either going to pass out or throw up.  I couldn't say anything because I was struggling not to do either.  Late, my husband said he kept waiting for me to go limp (pass out) but I didn't.  Finally they were done and I was able to sit up and felt much better.  I also went to the bathroom again which helped.  For the rest of the day I was achy and tired and anytime my bladder or bowel was full it made it worse, probably because it was pressing on my poor abused uterus.

The good news was they didn't find any tumors, polyps or fibroids that would prevent a pregnancy and nothing that needed surgical repair.  The only thing they saw was a small diverticulum which he said was too small for surgery and if they tried to correct it would probably just make the situation worse.  He said that if the blastocyst were to implant there it could be bad but that the chances of that happening are very small.  For those of you who don't know (i didn't) a "diverticulum (plural: diverticula) is medical or biological term for an outpouching of a hollow (or a fluid-filled) structure in the body. Depending upon which layers of the structure are involved, they are described as being either true or false." -Wikipedia.

Next on our agenda is our teaching visit where we get to give them bags and bags of money and they let us know about the medication and upcoming schedule. 

Miss Suzy Had a Steamboat
"Miss Suzy had a steamboat, the steam boat had a bell,
Miss Suzy went to heaven, the steamboat went to -
Hell-o operator please give me number nine
And if you disconnect me I'll cut off your -
Behind the fridgerator there lay a piece of glass,
Miss Suzy sat upon it and broker her little -
Ask me no more questions, I'll tell you no more lies,
The boys are in the bathroom, zipping up their -
flies are in the meadow, bees are in the park,
Miss Suzi and her boyfriend, are kissing in the
D. A. R. K., D. A. R. K., D. A. R. K.
Dark dark dark!"

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