Sunday, April 15, 2012


Handsome and I went down to Tucson again this weekend.  I love Tucson and love visiting our families but three weeks in a row is enough!  A friend of my husband's is coming into town in a week and a half so we may be going back down two weekends from now but at least we'll get to stay home next weekend.  I get to test on Wednesday, so for anyone who does NOT want to know the results, don't look at that post.  I will try to post by that evening after work.  I got the UPTs today at the grocery store and it was hard not to test this evening.  It is four days before my test date and while the box says you can test up to five days early the uncertainty is too much.  If I were to test early and get a positive result I would have the fear that the triggershot was still in my system giving me a false positive or that I have a chemical pregnancy (where the egg doesn't implant or doesn't develop properly but indicates positive early but you still get your period and a negative pregnancy test when testing on time) so I would have to retest Wednesday and wouldn't want to have my hopes up only to be dashed if I am not pregnant.  If the test was negative today there is still uncertainty so I would still test Wednesday but would be bummed until then.  I just need to call on my patience and wait three more days and stay positive.  I feel very positive - I told Handsome that we would have twins - a girl and a boy - and that I had already decided on the names.  Knowing how funny life is I'll probably have triplets and have to come up with another name, or two boys or two girls and have to think up more names of the appropriate gender.  ttyl

"Patience is a virtue,
Virtue is a grace,
Grace is a little girl,
with a dirty face"

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