Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tick tock

I spoke to the financial lady on Monday and it was basically all the information she had previously given me.  I did ask if the sono-mock is covered by the $10K and she said no but that it is considered diagnostic so out insurance should most likely cover it.  CD1 was Monday as well so my sono-mock is scheduled for Friday.  Next Wednesday is our teaching visit and when the funds are due.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Everything seems to be happening so fast and although that is what I wanted and told ARMS we wanted it is moving so fast that it is a little scary.  I have asked Sparkles to create a workout plan that involves no up/down, twisting or strenuous movement of the abdomen.  When I have those ~20 follicles I don't want to damage my ovaries or fallopian tubes by bouncing them up and down or anything.  On the workout note, things have been going well; Mondays I do cardio, Tuesdays and Thursdays I do my Sparkles weight training plan sometimes combined with cardio, and Wednesdays I go to class.  I am feeling better physically and better emotionally since I am happier with my body.  Tonight I have class and we'll see what kind of fresh torture Sparkles has in store.  He has a new personal trainer that came to class - she's pretty quiet which is a big contrast to Sparkles.

I think Handsome and I have decided to transfer one blastocyst for our first cycle if we have multiple good quality blastocysts and then if it doesn't work we may transfer two for our second attempt.  Hopefully we won't need that second attempt and can keep those blastocysts waiting until we decide to have a second child.  With all that is happening I sometimes wish for a fairy godmother who could either make all this go away and make us pregnant naturally or could at least help with the expenses.  Handsome and I are lucky enough that we can afford the treatments and I realize that not everyone can say the same and that there are couples out there who can't afford these treatments without loans at absurd interest rates.  Sometimes it can be depressing because not only is it expensive but for every supporter there are plenty of naysayers out on the web and I find their reasoning uninformed, annoying, mean, and it makes me both sad and angry.

The Catholic church (which I am not a member of) thinks that IVF is sinful because it takes away from the intimacy of the sex act between spouses, there are fertilized embryos that may die, and it "deprives the fetus of familial bond" when they are fertilized in a test tube.  While marriage is for procreation they do admit that being infertile isn't inherently sinful - well thank you very much since infertility isn't a choice.  All of these points are easily countered and beneath me to argue.  Most insurance doesn't pay for infertility because having children is a choice, yes it is but being infertile isn't.  Sex is a choice yet insurance pays for viagra, smoking is a choice but insurance still pays for lung cancer treatments, I could go on...  Then you have the people who say - if you can't have kids you should adopt - I have nothing against adoption but if they think it is so great why don't THEY adopt?!  Also what many may not know if that the time and money involved in adoption can equal or outweigh that put into IVF especially if you want an infant.  One individual on a website said that DNA that can't reproduce shouldn't to help human evolution.  Um, excuse me but my DNA is fine I just have a condition that inhibits fertility.  Or there are people out there that say its because we are too old and we should listen to mother nature, now I will admit that I am 34 (which I don't think is that old) but we started trying when I was 31 which isn't old at all.  Ugh!  It just makes me mad that all these ignorant people are passing judgement on me when many of them have not suffered the same things and even if they did they still aren't me!  How about a little less judgement and a little more acceptance and support?  Well I will get off my soap box.  ttyl

Hickory Dickory Dock
"Hickory, dickory, dock, The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one, And down he run, Hickory, dickory, dock. "

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