Sunday, July 29, 2012

30 Days

SO SORRY!!!  I know its been a while and I apologize but I have been busy and I was a little upset about my doctor's appointment.  First I have pretty well kept up with my one task a day goal that i set myself even though I let the daily blogging fall through - I will try and do better.

First the tasks that I have gotten done; I last posted on Monday so here is what I have for the following days:

I have a purse hook that gets me lots of compliments and fits nicely into my bag since it collapses.
Unfortunately the rubber back that keeps it from slipping had come off.  I still had it and would kinda stick it on when using it but it was constantly getting lost in the depths of my purse and was getting less and less sticky since it was exposed.
I thought I had lost it because once when I asked Handsome to hand me my purse hook and purse, the black rubber didn't seem to make the trip.  We scoured the floor and the booth we were in but couldn't find it.  I few days later it occurred to me to look into my purse in case it had dropped in - sure enough it had!
I glued it back on with super glue and now it works just like new!

 I didn't get any tasks done at home but I did go out for a company happy hour where I chatted with my co-workers and had my first shrimp sushi where the shrimp wasn't cooked (well except for the deep fried head with eyeballs and all!).  I don't know if I would order the shrimp again - the texture was firm, similar to cooked and it was sweet but wasn't my favorite.  I tried the head (excepting the eyeballs) which tasted like soft shell crab but I couldn't bring myself to eat the eyeballs.

I cleaned off the wine cabinet and cleaned out the dishwasher.  I also called the doctor and I called Ilumina - more about this later.

No tasks - we went to a birthday celebration for a friend of ours at Christopher's Crush a lounge in the Biltmore Area in Phoenix.

Saturday morning we got to babysit for a friend of mine.  He is happy, sweet and all around wonderful.  Barely cried, only wet diapers no smelly ones and I LOVED watching my husband with him.

Here he is sleeping, I wish I could have gotten a picture of him smiling.  He had the best smile and a cute little laugh.  I am sure he will be a mischievous little boy and will work that smile to get out of trouble... it would work on me ;)
After babysitting we met my parents for lunch (they were up here to go to Fry's Electronics) and then we went to IKEA for some frames.  Normally Handsome HATES IKEA but he was pretty good about it and we got some frames to make a photo wall above the bed in our room along with a few other things that were too good to pass up. 

Today I picked up a few tops at Kohls (nothing exciting) stopped at Joanns and Target and went grocery shopping with Handsome.  I made brownies for work tomorrow and Handsome made Bison burgers in the skillet since it was raining outside. 

Doctor Stuff:
As you may know I went in Tuesday for my hCG blood draw.  I didn't hear anything all week so finally left a message Thursday afternoon.  I got a call Friday that the results were under 1 so considered negative.  I was ready to start the protocol but I should call them to set up dates and if I didn't know what was happening.  OF COURSE I didn't know what was happening, this will be my first FET.  I talked to the nurse, Kate, and she said that the earliest they could do it was Labor Day - I don't know if this means I will start the protocol Labor Day, have the actual transfer Labor Day or what.  She said I would get an email Monday, tomorrow, with what I need to do and take for the protocol so I should have more data tomorrow.  I told he I still had some left over medication so she had me send a list and she will order what I need and not order what I already have.  No one else seems to be upset that the time frame is Labor Day.  My husband was like oh, okay in about a month then. I was a little upset I though it would be a next two weeks kind of thing but I guess they can schedule it out since the embryo is frozen and they don't have to watch what is happening with my body as much.

I also decided to try some alternative treatments that were suggested by a friend.  I was thinking about finding a chiropractor but I didn't really mesh with the doctor recommended me and didn't know how to go about finding another especially one who might be versed in infertility as well as chiropractic care.  So instead I will be going to Ilumina and seeing Dana Price who is certified in Chinese medical arts and acupuncture with a focus on infertility and pregnancy issues.  I see her for my first appointment on Tuesday so I will keep you guys in the loop.


Thirty Days Hath September
"Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November.
All the rest have thirty-one,
Excepting February alone,
And that has twenty-eight days clear,
And twenty-nine in each leap year."

Sure seems like a long time to wait!

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