Monday, August 13, 2012

Cracker Jack

I'm still alive... so sorry I haven't blogged in so long.  I got really lazy last week about computer time and spent most of my time chillin' with the hubby.  This weekend was pretty busy though and I didn't get a chance to get on the computer.

Thursday of last week I finally gave up the ghost on my printer.  If you remember I wanted to create a photo wall behind the bed which is bare right now as seen here:
See how Heidel is helping the picture out by modeling?  Sorry for the glaring light and the fact that  the bed is hardly made but we only make the bed pretty when guests come over otherwise we just pull up the blankets and go.  Anyways... back to the subject of the photo wall and my printer.  My printer has always done an adequate job of printing but when I powered it up last week to print off my FET timeline and my pictures I kept getting a "ink system failure" error.  I tried replacing all empty and expired cartridges but nothing was working.  I went online and found a help document on their technical support site but nothing worked.  Finally I told Handsome it was dead and that we should get a new one.  Then on Friday I debated not getting a printer and printing everything out through Staples or Kinko's printing services but I know myself - I know that I would procrastinate taking things to get printed and it would mean projects were delayed if they happened at all.  So I went looking for printers.  I thought I would get a small printer with good photo capability  - something small to replace the old printer.
See old all-in-one printer above.  Alas when I went to staples and Fry's I could not find any printers that weren't all-in-ones.  However the prices have come down from when I last bought one and I found this Canon MG6220 on sale at Fry's for half off!  I looked up reviews on Amazon through my phone and it got very good reviews.  So I bought it. 

See, its already working hard printing out photos for me!  Its wireless which was a little different but it hooked up to the network without an issue.

Saturday was a very busy day.  I started out with my second acupuncture appointment.  I have to say that I did not enjoy this one as much.  I thought the needles hurt more than last time and I was a little tense since it was only my second time and this was a different person.  Luckily I will be back with my original acupuncturist Dr. Price this week.  They also received my FET timeline so they will be able to help me best schedule my future appointments.  While I was there, Handsome was taking Heidel to the vet for her checkup - everything was good.  I got home hoping we could get to the mall early and eat at P.F. Chang's before Handsome's hair appointment at noon.  Unfortunately I hadn't let him know of my grand plan and when I got home he was outside trimming the tree.  This meant that he had to take a shower and clean up before we could go and there wasn't enough time to eat before his appointment so we ate after.  The air conditioning company was supposed to come out for our annual check up but they called to cancel because they had too many emergency appointments - I feel for anyone who had airconditioning issues this weekend when it was 113 - they rescheduled for next weekend. 

We also had a sale rep from First Impressions come out to give us a quote on a security door.  We went for the Technique in New Mahogany (brown) with oil rubbed bronze latch and black bug screen.
It will look similar to the door above but without the side light (we got a film instead which will make it impossible to get in through the side window) and without the tan shade cloth so ours will not have such a distinct contrast.  I'm normally not a oil-rubbed bronze kind of gal, at least with our current house and design style, but I liked how the oil rubbed bronze would blend in with the frame.

After he left I finished setting up the new printer and then went to the container store to get a wall file holder and a chair for my sewing/craft center desk.  I wanted something fun, feminine, and bright without being too girly.  I recently got this shade for my desk lamp and love its bright pop of color!

I also have some wall boxes with bright, fun items stored in them.  So I was looking at this chair from the container store.

I was thinking about the "Pinkberry" color which looks nice in the picture but I wonder if it is too girly. I want a colorful creative place.  Pink was the ONLY one they didn't have on display so I could see what kind of pink it was.  What do you think?  Pink, or blue or green?  The green pretty much looks like it does in the picture above, the blue is a bit brighter, and I don't know if it is a dark pink like the picture or a candy pink.  I can't decide and now I have to travel to the container store AGAIN!  I love that place but it is so far away!  While I was there I also picked up this  pin to hold wrapping paper but think it might clash with the shade and maybe I should get something different.
 Any ideas, suggestions?  Should I take this back and get something different?  I also got t he wall file below which I would like better if it was a color but I figure I can brighten it up with some fun colorful bird shaped magnets I got.  The only one they had in color was orange which I didn' think would go and didn't have this cool pattern.
We had pasta for dinner and watched "Your Highness" which was REALLY stupid but REALLY funny!  Definitely NOT okay for kids.  There is sexual humor, brief nudity and a whole bunch of cussing but it is a great film for adults!  Afterwards I finished printing and framing the pics for the photo wall and I will try to get them set up and hung this week.

Sunday we went out to baseball game.  The Diamond backs won and it was great fun.  I had hot dogs and even a little bit of cotton candy.  We were able to get the tickets fairly cheap and not too far away - we were right behind the D-Back's bull pen.  Handsome grilled some corn for me that night and I watched TV and read my book until bed time.  My poor husband kept getting the hiccups and nothing he was trying was getting rid of them so I looked it up and had him breathe into a paper bag - he kinda rolled his eyes and thought it was BS but he was willing to try anything... and it WORKED! 

On the baby front - I stopped my birthcontrol on Saturday and while I definitely haven't had my cycle day one I could tell my body was getting tired of the birthcontrol - I had some light spotting the past few days even before I stopped the BC.  Sunday I started taking the Estradiol (Estrace) twice a day.  I will continue taking it twice a day until the 28th when I move up to three times a day.  I will definitely keep you updated as more stuff starts happening and will try to make sure not to leave so much time between posts.  ttyl

Take Me Out To The Ball Game
"Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd;
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back.
Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don't win, it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out,
At the old ball game."
 - 1908 Tin Pan Alley song by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer

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