Sunday, August 26, 2012


I promised last time that I would talk about the new acupuncture stuff. Saturday I had my fourth acupuncture treatment and the used a heat lamp over my abdomen to "help thicken the lining and warm my uterus in anticipation of my transfer next week.  Also last week she had me drinking an herbal tea and using an herbal stick.  The tea looks like Arizona dirt but luckily tastes similar to black tea (with maybe a little dirt thrown in)
 Here is my bag of specially mixed herbs.
 The special spoon I am supposed to use, Bremen ate my first one but I was able to get another yesterday.  Since he ate mine I had been using a half teaspoon - don't know what the measurement on the magic spoon is, I just know I am supposed to use three spoonfuls at least twice a day.
Tea time!
The stick looks like a cross between an incense stick and a cigar.  It is smokeless but you can smell it when it is lit.  I am supposed to light it and go in circles between my hipbones from belly button to pubic bone.  I have Handsome do it so I don't burn myself (I am supposed to be close enough to feel the heat but far enough I don't burn myself).  He thinks it is all voodoo but he indulges me and while he is doing it he makes goes "neeyurm, neeeyurm" like something is moving fast. 
Here is the herbal stick unlit.  I am also supposed to eat warming foods which include raspberries, which I like so I am snacking on those usually in the morning or at lunch, and things like peaches which I do not like so avoid.  They also recommended stews and soups and venison so Handsome made a venison stew/soup last week which was delicious.  Ultrasound appointment is coming up Tuesday, I will let you know how that goes.
The Turnip
"I understand the stars, and the signs of the Zodiac, and the tracks of the winds, the sand of the sea, the healing of illness, and the virtues of all herbs, birds, and stones."
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