Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time to Rise

I sent an email this morning to the nurse at ARMS asking for my timeline.  Finally, with no explanation or apologies for the delay, I got it at 1:32 pm.  I still had some questions about whether this counted as my "teaching visit" and if so when do I pay the FET fee.  She let me know that I could pay at my ultrasound but I still have some questions and I need to have my thyroid checked again so I will make an appointment for Friday or Monday.  The biggest problem is that my transfer day is set for September 4th which is the day after the labor day holiday and Handsome may have some problems getting it off.  I don't know what I will do if he can't get it off; he said he will talk to someone at work tomorrow about it.  Well I know this is a short post but I don't really have anything else - was really tired today after work (I think it was the big lunch I had) and took a nap with Handsome.  Later we watched Falling Skies - great show - and then I came on here to give you guys an update before I go to bed.  ttyl

The Cock Doth Crow
"The cock doth crow
To let you know,
If you be wise,
Tis time to rise."

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