Monday, May 7, 2012

Flowers by the Dozen

Everything starts this week.  I am excited, nervous, scared, happy...  I worry about the shots, the nurse said up to 4 per day!  But I try and remember that its only for a couple of weeks and I can get through just about anything for a couple of weeks.  I forgot to tell you on my last post that Handsome and I got our results back from Counsyl which is a genetic screening for genetic variants associated with over 100 diseases.  We both tested negative for everything which is good - its not a guarantee but reduces the odds.  We are still waiting for the results on our Fragile X test which can cause developmental issues and is carried on the X chromosome (so only women are tested).  We don't have any history so I am not too worried but will feel a little better when all of our tests come back.  It will be one more thing to cross off of the "to-do" list of IVF. 

Tomorrow will be the last day I take birth control and I will have my pre-start evaluation on Wednesday before work.  I also have to remember to call the Jury people and ask them to postpone my jury duty since I am scheduled for Jury duty the same week I am scheduled for Gonadtropin injections, ultrasounds and blood work.  I will start my meds on the 12th and will start receiving messages on my Medvoice inbox on the 10th.  Its happening!  I think I also forgot to tell you about some of the funny consents we had to sign on our last teach visit.  I think my favorite was the one where I acknowledged that I am sexually intimate with my sperm donor so he doesn't need additional infectious screening tests.  Since my donor is my HUSBAND I found this humorous to tease him about.  Hmm... I don't know, are we intimate?  Are you sure you're my husband :)  The second interesting one was about what happens if one of us dies.  If he dies I get any embryos, if I die he does NOT get them to implant into his new super sexy younger wife (just kidding) but it would be creepy to ask someone else - hey do you mind if I implant you with the embryos me and my wife made?  AWKWARD!! 

Just so you guys don't think that ALL I think about is IVF or that I am constantly worried let me show you the view from my back porch.  I love looking out the back windows all the time because this is what I see:
I especially love the back corner with the raised garden.  When Heidel runs around the rosemary the whole garden is filled with that beautiful scent.
Rosemary is creeping over the walls, Snail Vine is climbing the trellis, Emu Bush brings a bright green and flowers that change from yellow to pink depending on how close they are to blooming - its called the Easter Egg Emu Bush.  Bougainvillea in the back pops up with its white and pink flowers and my favorite plants are the upright grass like plants with the white flowers.  The flowers only bloom for a day or two but it blooms all year round and they look like irises (the only plant I don't know the name of!)  This plant had 12 flowers today!
I hope everyone had a good day and a great weekend.  I'll try and get on tomorrow to let you know about our weekend, jury duty and stuff.  ttyl

The Twelve Brothers
"There was, however, a little garden belonging to the bewitched house wherein stood twelve lily flowers, which are likewise called students. She wished to give her brothers pleasure, and plucked the twelve flowers, and thought she would present each brother with one while at dinner."
Grimm, Jacob; Grimm, Wilhelm; Charles River Editors; Taylor, Edgar (2011-11-29). The Complete Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales (Illustrated) (Kindle Locations 940-941). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

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