Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get Ready!

So sorry I didn't update yesterday but I'll catch you up today!  Yesterday I had my pre-start evaluation at 7:45 in the morning.  It was pretty quick and I was able to make in to work by 8:30 which is well within the normal distribution of when everyone shows up.  They took my blood and then directed me to the bathroom/changing room for the ultrasound.  To my dismay it was Dr. Johnson.  I think I have posted before that he is slightly creepy and chit-chatty in a not medical oriented way; and I am not alone two other women I know who have worked with him also said he came off somewhat creepy.  Now maybe he is watching my blog (I doubt it) but if he is - CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Johnson for removing the creepiness from yourself.  He did greet me by shaking my hand again (which feels RIDICULOUS when you are holding a paper sheet around your waist) but then he apologized saying that the paper gown makes it awkward (DUH) and got down to business.  There was no getting to know you chat or chat about the weather he just started describing what was on the screen and giving me some information on how they will do the retrieval.  It was pretty short and then I went to talk to Shelley about my meds.  Oh by the way there were 13 follicles that he counted at this point.

Shelley went over my meds and I told her that I didn't have some of them because they were apparently on back order and had been ordered through a mail order pharmacy.  She said that the Apothecary Shop had got some in and at my request will be transferring all my meds there.  Luckily I had already picked up the Follistim from the Apothecary shop (3 boxes = $800+) and had doses of Menopur and Ganirelix that she had given us as samples.  She said that would get me through the weekend and I could pick up the other prescriptions later.  All of my injections will be given in between 6pm and 8pm.  I am to call Medvoice after 4:30every day starting today and I am to notify her when I get my CD1.

Today I called Medvoice at 4:38pm and there was no message, I started to panic but decide to give it a little time (after all their clocks might be running slow) and called back at 4:45.  Shelly had left me a message that directs me to start my medication on Saturday May 12th (she had previously said this would most likely be the case unless my FSH number was high).  I am to take 100 units of Follistim Saturday, Sunday and Monday in addition to taking the Menopur Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  My next appointment will be on Tuesday the 15th of May at 8am.

One For the Money
"One for the money,
Two for the show
Three to get ready,
And four to GO!"

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